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The 24 houses of Oakton Plantation sit amid
countless other subdivisions but seem almost like a self-contained small town. Najib Razak's governing coalition extends 56-year rule after winning election opinion polls suggested would be tightMalaysia's governing coalition has extended its 56-year rule, winning what opinion polls suggested would be a tight general election.As counting went late into the night, the fractious multiracial opposition proved unable to unseat one of the world's longest-serving governments and pull off what would have been the biggest election upset in Malaysia's history.The ruling Barisan Nasional (BN), or National Front, passed 112 mark, giving it a simple majority in the 222-seat national parliament.
The opposition alliance had 60 seats.With
more than two-thirds of seat results confirmed, it remained to be seen if the incumbent prime minister, Najib Razak, would receive a strong enough mandate to continue policies aimed at boosting investment and easing authoritarian laws.He is under pressure to improve on the coalition's worst-ever result, the 2008 election when it won 140 seats and lost its customary two-thirds majority. A repeat could weaken his leadership, unnerving investors and raising uncertainty over policy in the multiethnic country of 28 million people."I hope Silver Lotto System accepts the result with an open heart and will allow the democratic process to continue," Najib told a news conference.The opposition retained economically important Penang state as its leader, Anwar Ibrahim, sought to build on 2008's gains, when it took over four state governments and deprived the BN of its two-thirds parliamentary majority.It also claimed to have retained the crucial industrial state of Selangor, which
Najib had vowed to win back, although that could not be confirmed with election officials.The ruling coalition had been expected to win, but opinion polls showed a tightening race with Najib struggling to translate strong economic growth and welfare handouts into votes.The possibility of a disputed result loomed large amid opposition claims of widespread election fraud. Before most votes
were counted, Anwar declared victory in a surprise statement that appeared to be a tactic to whip up support."PR has
won," he tweeted, urging the ruling party and the country's election commission "not to attempt to hijack the results".Election
officials said turnout was about 80%, a record high.During the final days of campaigning Anwar accused the coalition of flying 40,000 "dubious" voters, including foreigners, across the country to vote Forex Megadroid races. The government says it was merely helping voters get to home towns.The 2008 result signalled a breakdown in traditional politics as minority ethnic Chinese and ethnic Indians, as well as many majority Malays, rejected the BN's brand of race-based patronage that has ensured stability but led to corruption and widening inequality.Partial results from Sunday's election suggested that the trend of ethnic Chinese deserting the BN had accelerated,
with the opposition Chinese party chalking up significant seat gains in the BN stronghold of southern
Johor state.MalaysiaAsia Pacificguardian.co.uk
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| Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds    Colombia's former leader Alvaro Uribe on Sunday rejected an accusation by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro that Uribe was plotting to kill him as the desperate ploy of a dictator trying to hide his illegitimacy.    
Kwame Kwei-Armah has written a play inspired by “A Raisin in the Sunâ€
that is being staged in repertory with “Clybourne Park†at CenterStage in Baltimore under the umbrella title “The Raisin Cycle.†    The ailing FeedDemon RSS reader will shut down after Google Reader Penny Stock Prophet on July 1, its creator said. FeedDemon is a standalone RSS reader that can also sync with Google Reader. 'The roof teasingly inches itself back, like automotive burlesque'I don't really get it when people – usually only sad
car blokes, to be fair – say some cars are sexy. People are sexy (well, one or two of them are). Cars are cars – too hard, too cold to be sexy. This one, though… Well, I may have to reconsider (or accept that I'm now officially a sad car bloke).It's
not about the way it looks. Apart from its blue soft top, it looks pretty much the same as a regular DS3: striking, certainly, with a nod to the days when Citroën was synonymous with innovative design.
I've always liked the DS3 – it's fun to look at, it's fun to drive – but never has it given me the
actual horn. The possible sexiness of this new Cabrio comes from the way it behaves.
Specifically, in
the way it takes off its top.Convertible tops have come off in various ways over the years.
It used to require a lot of manual unhooking and fumbling, and by Coffee Shop Millionaire you had done it, the moment had generally passed (meaning the sun had gone again and it was raining).
Then they started to do it themselves, but you still had to stop them and it was still an inelegant, ungainly, frankly
embarrassing procedure. Fold-away hard tops – such as on the Mercedes SLK and the Volkswagen Eos – brought a new wow factor, but it was still cold, hard, mechanical.This
one, though… It unhitches itself, then slowly, teasingly inches itself back, folding itself away as it goes, revealing a little bit more, then a little bit more. It's automotive burlesque (which, of course, is just a posh word for stripping).
There's even a pause, for drama, when it's nearly but not quite totally topless, and a final flourish, as the last bit goes.
And there it is: the sky. You can even do it on the move.Phwoar.
Impressive enough almost to make up for the fact that it isn't really a proper convertible.
Well, it's got sides.
With the roof
in, its almost-all-the-way-gone position, it's like having a big sunroof.
It's nice, but it's not wind-in-the-hair, romantic, open-top motoring (and it's an expensive sunroof, too).Go the Forex Growth Bot review with the back window folded away,
and it's a bit more like the real deal, but then there's no rear view, apart from through the wing mirrors.
who cares what's back there, that's all the past anyway.There's not much space in the boot, and the letter box-like opening makes it hard to reach that space. I couldn't get our buggy in there.Oh, that doesn't matter, either. This isn't a family car, it's a car to have before you have babies. It's a car that might even get you in the mood for making one.Citroën DS3 Cabrio Sport THP 155 6-speed manualPrice £19,680 Top speed 132mphAcceleration 0-62mph
in 8.2 seconds Combined fuel consumption 47.9mpgC02
emissions 137g/kmEco rating 6/10Cool rating 8/10MotoringSam Wollastonguardian.co.uk
© 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds     Tesla Motors adds another Supercharger station to its East Coast network, and Fiat edges closer to owning Chrysler outright.     TAIPEI, Taiwan —
A former top American diplomat in Taiwan has warned that the island’s security relationship with the
United States is being jeopardized by escalating Chinese google sniper 2.0 review Stanton, who retired last year as head of the American Institute in Taiwan, the de facto U.S. Embassy, said the “success and frequency†of spying cases have served to “undermine U.S.
confidence in security cooperation with Taiwan.†Read full article >> Follow live updates as Venezuela mourns and the world reacts to the death of Hugo ChávezHaroon SiddiqueTom McCarthy Mary Jo White has cleared an important hurdle on her path to becoming a top Wall Street regulator, as the Senate Banking Committee cast a 21-1 vote in her favor. Lazio forward Miroslav Klose became the first player to score five goals in a Serie A match for 27 years in the 6-0 win over Bologna on Sunday, although it was not enough to stop him being substituted with 22
minutes left.     Dominant teams of the 1980s produce flashes of highest quality which suggest gap to Manchester and London leaders can closeBright spring sunshine bathed England's third football city in a warm, distinctly
flattering light on Sunday.
It was
the sort of afternoon when the hurt involved in Liverpool falling behind Manchester and London in the domestic game's pecking order could be, albeit iPad Video Lessons a string of 1980s pop hits boomed out of the Anfield sound system before kick-off, the clock seemed to rewind to a time when Liverpool and Everton were the pre-eminent football forces in the land.Once
the game actually kicked off that notion was swiftly dismissed – and yet amid much typical derby scrapping there were some moments of class that belonged at the Premier League's top table.Regardless of the little detail that Everton are poised to finish above their neighbours from across Stanley Park for a second successive season, most such flashes came from Liverpool and Philippe Coutinho in particular.If the 20-year-old Brazilian midfielder's marker-deceiving turns, inventive passes and incisive movement explained why Southampton's Mauricio Pochettino – Coutinho's coach at Espanyol – described Rodgers's January import from Internazionale as a hybrid of Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho, he also served as a reminder of two things.First,
although Jamie Carragher's final derby before retirement may have marked the end of a sporadically glorious Anfield era, sufficient talent remains to
ensure that Manchester and London are unlikely to regard Merseyside with pity more than fear indefinitely. Secondly, Brendan Rodgers owes a considerable debt to Rafael Benítez.Liverpool's
DotcomSecrets review a little wary of the Spaniard who once occupied his office with distinction, yet Benítez – whose arrival for a brief stint at Inter coincided with Coutinho's from South America – recommended Liverpool sign a midfield creator who should be challenging Gareth Bale and Luis Suárez for all sorts of awards next term.Moreover
Rodgers, widely regarded as inheriting a poisoned chalice when he swapped Swansea for Anfield last summer, also appears to have been done some transfer market favours by his immediate predecessor, Kenny Dalglish, after all.Admittedly Dalglish paid top dollar for Andy Carroll, Stewart Downing and Jordan Henderson, and Carroll is on loan at West Ham, future uncertain, but, after the most underwhelming of beginnings, the last two of that trio are finally emerging from hibernation.Those who initially believed Henderson to be a midfield dud dumped on Dalglish via some smart hype from his old club Sunderland and their former manager Steve Bruce especially, are – almost imperceptibly – changing their minds.Early on he unleashed a 70-yard defence-splitting, Gerrard-esque, perhaps even Hoddle-esque, pass in Daniel Sturridge's direction. With a little luck it might have produced a goal and Henderson – who came Directory Of Ezines generous applause when he was replaced midway through the second half – continued to suggest he may yet win a regular England place.The blameless victim of a tactical tweak, Downing, too, found himself withdrawn – but not until, courtesy of an odd fabulous cross and pass, he had revived memories of his early pomp
at Middlesbrough, when he was regarded as one of England's finest young talents.Rodgers is big on the importance of coaching and Henderson's and
Downing's double renaissance represents an impressive endorsement of his skill in this department. Significantly, their revivals also indicate a new-found willingness to compromise on the part of a manager who, at Swansea, was so slavishly addicted to a carefully choreographed, short-passing possession game that you initially wondered whether Gerrard would have a place in his Merseyside blueprint.The way Liverpool now punctuate an already varied passing range with some accurate
long deliveries of the sort that would warm Sam Allardyce's heart suggests Rodgers has learnt to value pragmatism. This flexibility suits Henderson and Downing while offering Coutinho and – when not suspended – Luis Suárez a suitable framework on which to construct their personal challenges to Manchester's Covert Cash Conspiracy finest.David
Moyes – who may or may not be at Everton next season – has long been a tactical pragmatist but, whereas his extremely low budget, heavily set piece reliant side are surely operating at their
maximum level, Liverpool possess much more in reserve.The
heady 19th-century days when this city – one of the British Empire's foremost international trading ports – exceeded London in wealth and had a US consulate established may never return. But Rodgers's team are not necessarily in terminal decline.EvertonLiverpoolLouise Taylorguardian.co.uk
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All rights reserved.
| Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds     Primary Source suggests three tech tools matched to three current events topics that, together, can help you
teach both Common Core skills and digital literacy.     NEW DELHI — The Indian Parliament’s lower house passed a landmark law Tuesday that sets tougher penalties for rapists and for police officers who refuse to file a woman’s complaint of rape,
as well as criminalizing offenses such as stalking, voyeurism and acid attacks. Read full article >> LEMONT, Ill.
— President Obama on Micro Niche Finder review taking $2 billion in royalties the government receives from offshore oil and gas leasing to fund research into clean energy technologies designed to lessen the nation’s dependence on fossil fuels to power cars and trucks.
Read full article >> The Internet company signed a deal for exclusive streaming rights to past episodes of “Saturday Night Live†to gain
an edge in a small market for digital video
Argentine midfielder Marcelo Gallardo is the highest-paid player in D.C.
United history and has the
third-largest salary in MLS this season. AvaTech is changing the game in avalanche safety with a device that helps backcountry skiers and mountaineers gain information about the snowpack and avoid fatal avalanches. The four-person team includes one MIT undergraduate from the Department of Mechanical Engineering (MechE), one MIT master’s candidate from MechE, and two MBA candidates from the MIT Sloan School of Management. “Free the Mind,†a documentary directed by Phie Ambo, explores how meditation and exercises can be used to alleviate post-traumatic stress.     A new film by Rama Burshtein, an Orthodox Jewish director in Israel, centers on a young woman facing an agonizing choice after her sister dies in

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the Washington Redskins nickname is "unifying force that stands for strength, courage, pride and respect."     The

orchestra and Major League Baseball are promoting the concert as a charity affair to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.    Frank
Fraver talks about his poster design for “Hit the Wall,†a play about the Stonewall rebellion.
More than a quarter of children under the age of 5 are permanently “stunted†from malnutrition, the United Nations Children’s Fund said in a report released Monday.     Everyone loves a small scrappy startup. But what happens when a startup goes from being an underdog to just a part of a much larger corporation? Salesforce.com
acquired cloud computing startup Heroku for $212 million in 2010, and since then, two of Heroku's three founders have left the company, along with the former

CEO. Now, Tod ...     Atlanta's six-time All-Star catcher Brian McCann is ready to come off the disabled list on Monday when the Braves open a series in Cincinnati.     KABUL - Already coping with war, poverty

and corruption, Afghan colleges are struggling under a policy that forbids them from charging tuition.
Actor to star as Nick, who becomes a suspect in his wife's disappearance, in film of Gillian Flynn's bestselling novelBen Affleck is in line to play the lead in David Fincher's Gone Girl, according to the Hollywood Reporter.Gone Girl, based on the

bestselling book by Gillian Flynn, tells the story of Nick – a failed journalist – and his wife, Amy, who goes missing on the day of the couple's fifth wedding anniversary. If confirmed, Affleck will play Nick, who becomes a suspect in the police investigation after it becomes clear their relationship was not as happy as it seemed. The book divides narrative between Nick's reaction to the disappearance and Amy's diary entries from the start of their relationship. Flynn has written the screenplay, but it's unclear

whether the film will follow the same structure.Affleck,
whose last film as director, Argo, won best picture at this year's Oscars, will next appear in Runner, Runner, a crime thriller in which he plays a corrupt online-poker player who

leads a naive Princeton student (Justin Timberlake) astray.
Live By Night, the prohibition-era gangster story based on David Lehane's novel that Affleck will direct and star in, is currently in production.Ben
AffleckDavid FincherThrillerDramaGillian FlynnFilm adaptationsHenry Barnesguardian.co.uk © 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. All rights reserved. | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds     Time really is money. Nobody knows that better than Elvis Dumervil and the Denver Broncos.
THE QUESTION Testosterone supplementation has been

shown to build muscle and strength in older men, who often experience a drop in this male hormone. But does it do the same if the men are not fully healthy?...

His remarks suggested that people who don't

reproduce are selfish.
In my experience it's parents who give up their principlesSo we have yet another example of the pathologising of child-free folk. Niall Ferguson, the historian and author, implied that John Maynard Keynes could not have really cared about future generations

because he did not have children and was probably gay. Ferguson has apologised unreservedly, so fair enough, but it is interesting that the kerfuffle has mainly been about the apparent homophobia in the remark and not about the childless thing.There
is, among many otherwise intelligent individuals, an assumption that those of us who make a positive choice to not reproduce are selfish, rootless and have no concern about future generations or the planet. But those who have their own children often forget about the world and just worry about their own ever shrinking one.I
have seen the most passionately committed feminist activists go gaga once they give birth.
All the promises such as "I'll still come on that march/go to that conference/burn down that sex

shop" disappear when they sprog.
All those in my circle with offspring seem to become unhealthily obsessed with their own little world. Principles go out of the window ("I still hate the private education system/healthcare but I am not putting my politics before my children"), and socialising becomes impossible. I even heard one of them utter that hideous phrase the other day – "We decided to go 'as

a family'".
As opposed to what? A circus act?It is puzzling to me that child-free people are accused of being adults incapable of growing up and dealing with grownup problems. Have you seen the way some parents carry on, speaking to each other in baby voices and actually enjoying dragging themselves around the London Aquarium?Yesterday I watched the film The Kids Are All Right again and wondered why I had a pang of longing (that lasted the same amount of time as filling my wine glass) for children of my own. And then it dawned on

me that it was because one was leaving home for university and the other was so cute and trouble-free it would be like just having a stuffed toy to cuddle on occasion.I have always been clear about children – some are fabulous once they grow into adults.
This is where I am usually reminded that I was once a child, which

of course is true, but I didn't like myself either until I could vote. I am proud to join the other child-free women, such as Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton, Helen Mirren, Stevie Nicks, Florence Nightingale, Georgia O'Keeffe and Dorothy Parker, all of whom have achieved rather a lot between them.Having your own child is a selfish choice, as the world is overpopulated and there are millions of unwanted kids in institutions and on the streets.
However, I have no problem with people wanting to reproduce, so long as they don't expect me to congratulate and thank them for saving the planet.
My legacy – what I leave behind – will not be my DNA...

Idea Village, which develops and markets “as seen on TV†products, recently introduced Flips Audio, a hybrid gadget that combines headphones and external speakers.    
They find themselves in the center of a larger

debate during a period of dwindling resources and shifting priorities.Tiger Woods sent out a Masters warning shot with his second win of

the year, a convincing two-stroke victory at the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral on Sunday. Members of the Jukun ethnic group were marching through the town of Wukari, on their way to a funeral, when an argument broke out with local Hausa and Fulani youths.     Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority, arrived in China just ahead of the Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu, but there were no plans for a meeting between the two.     The bill would give a state agency the authority to impose standards similar to those for ambulatory surgical centers.     • Marco van Ginkel 'one of Europe's best prospects'• Oriol Romeu returns to

Valencia on season-long loanJosé Mourinho believes he is better prepared to succeed as Chelsea manager second time around. At the start of a three-match south-east Asia tour, Mourinho said: "My job is a job where experience means a lot. I have had two years in Italy and three in Spain, it makes me a better coach.
I am

in better condition than I was last time."I have some white hairs but in my case that's a good sign. It means I am better now than before. But I am still very sad and unhappy when my team doesn't win – it's up to the players to help me get the results I want."Mourinho
has already had an impact, sanctioning the previously agreed transfer of André Schürrle, completing a surprise purchase of the veteran Australian

goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer and capturing

a player for whom he has high hopes, the 20-year-old Marco van Ginkel."Marco is one of the best prospects in European football right now," said Mourinho. "I have been following him for a long time.
He has great potential.
We do not have to press him too much in the beginning because we want to help him settle into the Premier League.
Chelsea is investing in the long term and this kid has a great future."Chelsea's
arrival in Thailand marks the start of their preparations for a campaign in which many feel they could exploit the changes at Manchester United and Manchester City and land only their second title since Mourinho left in 2006.The uncertainty at Stamford Bridge is not with the manager, but rather his willingness to embrace the Barcelona-style tiki-taka which Juan Mata, Oscar and Eden Hazard can so obviously provide.Mata and Oscar are not on the trip, having been given additional time off due to their Confederations Cup commitments with Spain and Brazil respectively, and Chelsea's experienced keeper Petr Cech is taking nothing for granted."It is very difficult to predict what is going to happen before the season has even started," he said. "They are all...

Campaigns by the big brewer Heineken and the hotel giant Hilton reward unsuspecting travelers with paid trips to unexpected places.     "I tell them there are 20 baby teeth and they need to think about what that could cost," Haugseth tells the

newspaper.Penny Arcade spent a good part of last week with its foot in its mouth.    
Two Iranian citizens, whom officials accused of planning to attack Western targets inside Kenya, were found guilty on Thursday by a Kenyan court of terrorism-related charges.    
For armchair climbers, the search engine giant now offers views from the base camps of mighty peaks such as Everest and KilimanjaroAfter allowing everyone the pleasure of snooping into other people's back gardens, Google has now updated its Streetview to take you on a virtual tour of Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Elbrus and Everest base camps. For those of us who have sometimesidly thought of climbing these mountains, but prefer to do without the cold and the danger, these images take us a few steps nearer to our dream.Click on the arrow and you can get a 360-degree view, thanks to the Google employees who hiked the peaks with a lightweight digital camera and fisheye lens.
If you want to get to the top, though, you'll still have to get out of your chair. For the time being.Google
Street ViewGoogleJohn Craceguardian.co.uk
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| Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds Kathakali dancers from Kerala perform during a roadshow in Kolkata, West Bengal. A frustrated parent brought an unnerving problem to my Admissions 101 discussion group on washingtonpost.com.
The student (many of us in the group immediately assumed it was a boy) had gotten into a well-respected public university in his state and, the parent said, "adamantly refused to go on co...
Filmmakers and actors choose their favorite summer movies.    
In response

to a new federal food safety law and growing consumer interest, vast amounts of new data are being generated about the complicated path that food takes from field to supermarket shelf. The Cincinnati Reds hurt John Danks' feelings and his ERA. Bombers and gunmen attacked policemen and a wake in Iraq among other targets, killing at least 40 people across the country on Thursday.     A longstanding joke holds that practical fusion power is about 20 years away — and always will be.
One simple phenomenon explains why practical, self-sustaining fusion reactions have proved difficult to achieve: Turbulence in the superhot, electrically charged gas, called plasma, that circulates inside a fusion reactor can cause the plasma to lose much of its heat. This prevents the plasma from reaching the temperatures needed to overcome the electrical repulsion between atomic nuclei — which, in turn, prevents those nuclei from fusing together. But in order to tame that turbulence, scientists first must understand it.Researchers

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has suggested that online courses herald the end of traditional lecturesPhilip Hensher: novelist and professor of creative

writing at the University of Bath SpaCan it be true? Are there still institutions where academics stand at the podium and start to read out from dog-eared print-outs of last year's lectures? Do undergraduates still take what notes they can for an hour, and then go and read a book on the subject?I went to Oxford in 1983, and I think in three years I went to seven lectures – not lecture courses, seven lectures.
One was a bloke whose book I had absolutely loved.
His lectures – well, his first lecture, I never went to any more – consisted of his reading from the MS of his first chapter.
I'd read it. The only lectures with anything to be said for them were brilliant performances. Learning? That happened in libraries, and talking to people who knew more than I did, not taking inadequate notes in lecture rooms. In four years doing a PhD at Cambridge, I went to exactly six lectures, of which five were by Pierre Rosenberg on Fragonard, so those don't count.Since I took to lecturing myself, I generally

approached it as cabaret. You and I have stood together and yammered in front of silent audiences of sighing Germans.
Since nobody much walked out, we believed ourselves to be extraordinarily fascinating. This discovery for academics is thrilling, and so there is an incentive to hang on to the hour-long lecture. But, realistically,

if one wanted to teach anyone anything, I think one should make them participate, interrupt, ask questions, disagree, talk back, and that's the alternative route I've taken.
There are probably a dozen lecturers in this country so brilliant you don't want to do anything but listen to them for an hour.
The rest of them should approach learning as an exchange with students. Is the lecture room the best place for rapid exchange? No. Rethink the lecture format entirely.
Get students

to ask questions and read books to find stuff out.Mind
you, that bloke Mühlhäusler who used to lecture on pidgins and creoles at Oxford ought to have been on the telly.John Mullan: writer and professor of English at University College LondonIs there perhaps a logical flaw in

your rhetorical swirl? Your poor lecture attendance record 30 years ago, though sadly typical of undergraduates of that dark era, is not in itself evidence that the majority of lectures that were available to you at the time were dire, futile or ineptly delivered. Five years earlier, I was behaving in rather the same fashion as you. I had gone along with the foolish idea, prevalent at the time, that a lecture, being a monologue, was an oppressive imposition on our free young intellects.
The lecture was inherently authoritarian and tedious. Then I discovered, in my final year, that lectures could be rather helpful. In an effort to compensate for woeful second-year exam results I attended whole courses and found...

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