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Did Lance Armstrong Cheat

  This month, some of the favorites to win the Tour de France endurance bicycle race were prevented from entering because of suspicion that they may have taken drugs or had blood transfusions to raise their red blood cell counts. That brings up the accusation that Lance Armstrong, possibly the most dominant endurance bicycle racer of all time, took blood boosting drugs when he won the first of his seven Tour De France victories.   The allegation is that Lance Armstrong's urine, kept in storage for six years, had a positive test for EPO, a restricted drug that... read more

Why Stationary Recumbent Bikes Are Reliable

  Many people are embracing the idea of creating a home gym. One of the main reasons why they are doing it is modern lifestyle rush. One whole day is almost not enough for most people to complete their activities. If you are somehow missing your daily gym workouts, try buying stationary recumbent bikes. Although it cannot offer overall benefits that all other exercise machines do, a bike can help you keep fit.   As soon as you buy one stationary bike, your family and you can start living a healthy life. Besides, you only have to spend money once. Numerous people... read more

Bellwether Shorts

Describe 'Bellwether Shorts' here read more

Cycling And Weight Loss

Make that one hour a constant two hours. Ride a little harder and try to get routes that have fewer stops and traffic signals. Sleep a little more. Eat a little less and split that across more than three meals a day. Make sure you drink lots of fluids. If you like high calorie stuff like orange juice, water it down 50/50 and put lots of ice in it. Don't 'ban' yourself from eating certain foods that you love. Just eat less. I love ice cream and I dig beer. Ice cream I'll have a spoonful or two and beer... a glass every once in a while. Ice cream is actually... read more

Stationary Bike Reviews For The Beginner

  Are your daily schedules too tight to allow time for gym exercises? If yes, you are just like many other people. Despite that, you can still workout on a daily basis. All you require is an upright or a recumbent stationery bike. Having this bike in your house eliminates need for gym exercise sessions. You can workout any time of the day or night. Before buying anything, read stationery bike reviews. You can find many written reviews over the Internet. One could gain adequate knowledge by just reading them. The following are examples of tips and ideas you could gain... read more

Tips On Carrying The Right Cycle Touring Gear

  If someone is new to cycle touring, chances are he is confused about carrying the right type of cycle touring gear. There are a great variety available in the market, and what one purchases is largely based on one's requirements. For instance, some people prefer traveling with all the necessary stocks, while others prefer the minimum load. This notwithstanding, there are some essentials that one must carry to avoid inconvenience during bicycle tours.   Tips for Carrying the Right Cycle Touring Gear   While an experienced bicycle traveler knows what cycle... read more

Retro Cycling Jerseys

  One of the hottest sporty fashion trends today is cycling jerseys. Although these jerseys are originally designed for cyclists, many other sports enthusiasts are using these jerseys as well. Moreover, these jerseys are even used not only for any particular sports events, but in any outdoor activity too.   Cycling jerseys are also more commonly referred to as bicycle jerseys. These are especially made for people that do a lot of biking. In fact, such jerseys are not like just any ordinary jerseys, since these jerseys are specifically designed long in the back.... read more

How To Avoid Common Cycling Mishaps

  Biking is such a great sport. It can be easily learned and is the simplest form of aerobic activity. It is a delightful way to exercise that will help boost your metabolism and reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases. Even so, sometimes there still unavoidable cycling mishaps. Get to know some of the most common cycling mistakes and how they can be avoided.   Of course you can easily lose 600 calories in an hour of biking. However, don't ever think about cycling with an empty stomach. If you don't faint, chances are you will easily regain the lost calories... read more

Types Of Bicycle Lights

  There are many different bicycle lights to choose from, and it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs. Things to consider include the type of light bulb, the power source, and where you want to mount the light to your bicycle.   Bicycle head lights are those mounted to the front of your bicycle that are white and help you to see ahead of you and helps others (drivers and pedestrians) see you. Depending on your riding conditions, you might settle for a cheap headlight system that is more to help others to see you to prevent accidents, or you... read more

Purchasing Used Tandem Bikes

  Developed in the late 1800's, the tandem bicycle is a one that is made for more than rider. The riders are seated in a front to back fashion, one behind the other. Commonly known as the bicycle built for two, some tandem bikes accommodate more than two people. Several can accommodate as many as four riders at one time. When out on the beach, kids are often overjoyed to see one, as they are a site to behold. Often used as a beach cruiser, many tourists seem to enjoy riding this kind of bike for sight-seeing.   Used tandem bikes are a great option to think about... read more

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