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Balance and a smooth pedal stroke help you to hold your line. Technical descents are a whole other animal.
I used to have rollers with a fan on each side of the rear roller. I got a great workout and the benefit of balance and a smooth pedal stroke.
:big-smile:I think the team would be okay with it if they win.
I just recently purchased the Lemond Revolution trainer. I got it on sale at a great price. It is loud but I don't find it too loud and it has the most realistic feel and is very stable. So far I am very pleased with it.
I have Super Record 11 speed on my road bike.
I use Chain-L. I take the chain off and apply it to a new or clean chain and wipe it off after each ride. It lasts 100's of miles before I need to reapply.
I have been using the Superlink from Lick bike on my 10 speed previously and now on my 11 speed and I have been very pleased with them.
I have been riding Hutchinson Fusion 3 tubeless for a couple of years and enjoy the ride very much. I am glad that more companies are starting to come out with tubeless tires. I look forward to trying them.
I had the Reynolds Ouzo Pro on my bike for ten years and liked it very much. The ride was smooth and sure. I now have the Easton EC90SL and feel the ride is just as good. I did not want to risk it with the SLX.
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