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Quote: Originally Posted by jhuskey I have heard from another source that Kloden is going with Armstrong. Maybe I can get confirmation by weeks end. How unfortunate.
wow, that is fascinating. i am always so amazed at the level of insanity athletes are driven to for the sake of glory. riders really are lab rats. Quote: Originally Posted by Cobblestones I think this is very important news. There has also been an article in the German journal Spiegel about it (which had daily and very level-headed TdF coverage). It was a conundrum for me that riders are still performing at levels of 1990's and early 2000's (the darkest period...
awww, well written. thanks for sharing.
Yes, the route is terrible. I don't like the TTT. And the first two weeks were a snoozefest. MC dominating the sprints was so boring to watch. However, the stars of the sport have added spice to this otherwise bland tour. I appreciate how Thor has come out and made the green jersey a real competition. The initial drama between Team Astana has also been interesting to debate. And this last week has definitely been competitive. So, not as bad as previous LA years.
I also think AC has a very high rick of getting caught after he completely cuts the cord with JB. Will history repeat itself? Plus it will be interesting to see how he races under a different DS. He is impulsive and reckless. He doesn't strike me as an unbeatable force like so many have been suggesting. AS is more disciplined and should get better with age. Hopefully, we will see many more competitive tours in the next few years.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eldron They showed the full video on a local (South African) cycling show. Awesome stuff - perhaps now the general public may change their "lycra clad freaks dddling through the sun flowers" opinion of the Tour. Unlikely! Oh to drag Mr. Joe Public over even a Cat 3 climb.... Oh, cmon. It wouldn't be the tour without sunflowers!
Quote: Originally Posted by David_Zen Astana still in a good position to posibly sweep the podium. It's going to be close. How much time do you think Kloden, Lance, and Wiggins can make up in tomorrow's TT? Had AC not attacked I would agree with you. Now it will be much for difficult for LA and AK. I predict: 1. AC 2. AS 3. LA
I love this video. Life behind the grupetto...
Quote: Originally Posted by slovakguy because armstrong will bring in sponsorship money at a faster rate than contador. will armstrong be the hog's principal rider? not by a long shot, but the hog has shot himself in the foot with contador so he's going to have to find a new top rider and get the new boy on the programme. Exactly. If LA decides to ride next year, JB will be with him as be burned his bridge with AC.
It's a provocative question. Certainly there were positive tests during LA's years. But the media focus and explosion that almost killed the sport occurred after LA was out of the peloton. Now, he is back and drugs are hush hush again. The financial interests tied to LA clearly control the world of cycling. It is no different from the cult of personality that surrounds Obama...
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