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I'm looking to buy some cycling sunglasses. Am I better off buying some cheap ones off eBay or am I better off spending more money on som Oakleys or Giros? Is there really a difference? Also what color of lenses are best for cycling?
I'm 6'1
What do you guys use to clean grease off of your frame? Are people using dishwashing detergent? I've got some grease that just won't budge.
No one?
Hi, I am a road biker who recently purchased a Trek 3700 mountain bike to ride around with my kids. I'm worried I got the wrong size. The guy that was helping didn't seem that knowledgable and though I looked better on the 21 inch bike compared to the 19. I just got the bike and when I stand over the center bar I hardly have any room between the bar and my crotch. Is this a problem? A 19 may be too small, Am I okay with the 21? On a related note, I didn't get an...
I bought the unit new a few years ago, I haven't used it all that much. The tire is not slipping. I think I can hear the fluid but can't tell for sure.
The fluid definately hasn't leaked out. I'm going to put it into the highest gear tonight and see how long i can do. As i mentioned before I'm not a very strong rider. Quote: Originally Posted by frenchyge Barring gross incompetence in assembly or bike attachment, I think that's the case. Doubly-so if this is a used unit, since fluid leakage used to be a common complaint for that model trainer.
I posted a few days ago about the cycleops fluid2 not being hard enough. Yesterday I gave it one more try with the dvd that came with it. I felt like i got a better workout with the dvd. It still wasn't very much resistance but maybe it's not supposed to be very hard. For others that have the cycleops, if you're riding in one of your hardest gears should it be hard to pedal?
I assume this people using the power meters to tell you all of your info? Is this all it is? I've been confused when reading about all the options? What are some of the better cheaper options.
It's not leaking and I do have it right up against the tire. I don't notice the resistance getting harder though. Any other thoughts? Quote: Originally Posted by lanierb I'm going to guess that your trainer sprung a leak and all the fluid leaked out. This leaves it with essentially no resistance.
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