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you will be faster overseas, our road chip is hash and robs speed. You are fast enough in NZ though. just position you self for the sprint and learn patience, the true sprint is only 100m long. use the last 3 laps to move in to a 3-4 position and hold it for the sprint. john
dont sweat it, a couple of days missed is not the end off the world, the pros do this all the time with travel. If you are worried then get to a gym and ride their bikes.
no you are not too Old to think about a pro career, but I would say start road racing as well as TTs. You will need to ride longer for road racing though.
yes the aussie track sprinters had to do 75cm vert leap to hit  the talent ID mark, back in the Charlie Walsh days. So we were told on the coaching courses I attended. john
All so Hamish an example of an abstract the cherry picks results, read the whole article and   "in the 5-min all-out cycling test increased 3–4% (Po0.05) in both SE (405.4 53.3 to 425.0 39.4 W) and E  training alone (309.5 20.3 vs 321.0 19.5 W) " so weight program not better! and the E group had less variability "the 45-min time-trial testing increased 8% after SE training (313.7 45.9 to 340.1 33.1W) (Po0.05), while remaining statistically unchanged after E...
just average the last minute achieved. Low wattage's are generally hard to stay controlled as are the last ones
Cheers Hamish hmm Grant application time, yeah I was thinking USD 2k ish. Can get a Tacx Bushido for 3k (nzd). and I really like the ability to put a riders own bike on as it gives me a chance to assess the set up as well. the CT is just p#$ing me off as it is always having problems communicating with the PC and occasionally just drops all its resistance half way through a MAP. The PC is used for other things as well.
Hi all I have the chance to guide a technical college in setting up their lab space. For the last year we have carried out MAP tests on our MTB and XTERRA athletes using my computrainer. This has been starting to be more and more unreliable (its old). I have looked at the wattbike and the Tacx bushido, I use an Imagic at home for other athletes and find it very easy to use. any recomendations? within a say 2k budget? cheers John Lee John Lee Cycling Coaching
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