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you will have to look for them on the internet since chances are that they are not easy to find because that team is long gone, this is a tricky situation because you cannot try it before for fit, cycling apparel sizes vary from one brand to another,
we have to ask our chinese friends why have they turn the tables completely against commuting by bike, their cities look now no different than the ones shown in the video, when a decade ago we saw mainly bikes on the streets,, like a friend i had, he was ashamed to commute by bike during the week so he didn't wear a helmet so no else could see his bike in the office, or bank or any errands he needed to do, then in the weekend he was wearing his helmet for recreational...
MTB is easier on the amount of training required, but a lot of MTB bikers are succesfull when they switch to road racing, it helps that you are going up and down all the time so you kind of develop a good anaerobic capacity,
isn't it the Itera Cross ? or maybe it has gone out of their catalogue, first of all i think it is overpriced (the Itera Cross) for what i see in their website, anyway if the bike is in good condition you can sell it for a couple or three hundred euro less than the original price,
do you have a link to your website for us to see ? if you have a personal page on facebook you can also add a facebook page dedicated to your bike shop, they have the option for business pages, then you would insert the facebook logo on your website linked to that facebook page that you are gonna create, so your facebook bike shop account will function the same way as your personal account, people will interact there, upload pictures, etc all for free, so your internet...
cateye's meets your description,
"Bad luck on training today, chain gets stuck during sprint followed by crash. Result broken collar bone! Surgery this Friday." twitt from a pro rider, yes cycling is dangerous,
why don't you start your own blog ?
and stay away from dopers !
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