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but on the medical side few people can lose significant weight let alone avoid regaining it,
and no worries for untrue rims and broken spokes ! with disc brakes, ( although you do need to service the wheel eventually, it wont ruin your ride ) p.s. Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes are great, easier to setup and to maintain than hydraulics
could sell between 400 & 500 usd, its a nice mountain bike,
it could be the bottom bracket, we resolve a similar issue recently in another thread,
its funny how in traditional classic geometry the saddle seems to be pointing up when it is in fact parallel to the ground,nice bike
exercise and weight loss do not have an immediate direct relationship, it takes a few days to show on the scale a diminish in weight after continous training,
around a 25 mph average speed, well done
i ride with the lenses soft-cloth fabric in my rear pocket, oakley's (at least the fast jacket) are not perfect but reasonably good, i use a head band too, if that helps ??
the delta cleat, like look's and shimano's, are easy to reinstall for cleat replacement just by watching carefully the position of each of the three bolts on each shoe, but for the first installation you need a small bit of patience to do it correctly,
yes 40 riding hours a week is excessive, but you can use all that time in other cycling related things: like learning your bike mechanics and maintenance, cleaning your bike, analyzing training data on your PC, sketching next week's training, shaving your legs, discuss training and racing with your peers in the bike shop, hand washing your cycling apparel, keeping a training log, keeping a weight log, keeping a resting heart rate log, reading your favourite bike magazine,
New Posts  All Forums: