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Hi there, I weight about 215 lbs. I'm not huge, but definitely heavier than a lot of guys that mountain bikes are made for. I have a Rocky Mountain Trailhead and it has some stock Shimano disc brakes. I'm not sure which model they are. The rotors say m495 but those are mechanical brakes and these ones are definitely hydraulic. Anyway, I don't always feel like these brakes are able to stop me during steep descents, and the other day I actually had a pad go missing,...
Who are you? Tanner Waldo Where are you? Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada How big are you? Average weight around 215 lbs What do you ride? Rocky Mountain Trailhead/Currently Shopping for a road bike How do you ride? On the mountain bike pretty hard, lots of fast descents and hard braking. What are your goals? To reach sub-200 lbs this season, enter and finish at least 1 mtb race and 1 road race next season.
Hi there! I am considering buying a road bike and am just looking for some input. I'm a mountain biker, and absolutely love my Rocky Mountain mountain bike. Does anyone here have any experience with their road bikes? Are they as good as their mountain bikes?
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