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Wow what an accomplishment! Congrats to you. I hope to join the ranks one day, but this season seems like an impossability at the moment. Looked like a wonderful event. Where was it at?
Who says he needs a question? I would say this pretty well fits the description of "bike buying advice" does it not?
I'm not sure who you are reffering to here John? Is this directed at me? I'm not bragging about being young, I thought he was asking my age because he mentioned if I was close to 50 when referencing my height and weight. If you thought I was bragging about something I honestly was not - I didn't even know the difference between compact and triple cranks!
Oh, thanks a lot for the info Moto! I'm not yet close to 50 yet, only 23    So the only real difference is the amount of gears you will have to shift from ring to ring? I guess I can't see how that would matter much to me and make me want to order the triple crank instead of just buying a compact from the floor. A minor annoyance, but I have never been one to shift gears very frequently during a ride.
Hey again guys. Thanks for all the great advice. Next week I'm planning on going out to the LBS to test out a Cannondale CAAD8 5 series. Here is a link to what I am leaning towards http://kozy.com/product/11-cannondale-caad8-5-triple-73850-1.htm   What do you think? Is it a good buy for my first road bike? Also, this bike comes in the normal frame style as well as a compact style. From some meager research online it doesn't seem like this makes a whole lot of a...
KDE, those bikes look amazing. I wish I could afford one. I haven't even seen one at any gym I've been to. I'll have to bring it up to the gym manager that I currently go to
Congrats to your J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS as well as to my Bears    May we meet in 3 weekends! 
Hi all,   This will be my first season of cycling. What sites do you use to learn about upcoming rides in your area? I live in the midwest near Chicago and have found a few sites with a few listings for 2011 in the area, but haven't found anything very extensive. Do you have any other sites you check regularly for interesting upcoming rides? The best I've found thus far is www.bikeride.com
Congrats on your ride Sierra! Very encouraging, I read a few threads when you first started posting and seems like you have progressed very well. Can I ask what event you are training for, or the mileage/date?   I can't wait for the weather to turn here. There is far too much snow and ice on the ground here for me to get out, so the stationary bike is all I have. It's simply not the same. I go for a half hour and just simply get bored with it.
Hey Bubba,   That sounds like a really good idea that I'd be interested in. Honestly, I am very uneducated about components of bikes, so I may have to do some research. Are 105 set components much better then what is on the stock CAAD8?   Thanks again for all the great advice.   Edit: Also, I've been looking at the Trek 1 series. I like the 1.2 and the 1.5. Both are aesthetically pleasing to me, and it appears that they try to at least use common component...
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