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http://www.schwinnbikes.com/bikes/road/prelude-10318#/reviews   My friend is looking for a cheap road bike to use occasionally. He won't be riding it everyday but he will be using a good amount. Do you think this would be worth it or a waste of money?
Yea, the fastest I've gone is like 43 or 44 or something. And that was pushing it. So I'm going to assume its not calibrated right. Unless you live by some REALLY nice hills.
I recently got a 2011 Scott S30 about 9 days ago and have put about 70 miles on the bike so far. Last night i decided to lube my chain with the supplies my friend lent me that he uses for his 2010 Scott S30. I used citrus bike cleaner to remove the dirt and such and then I rinsed it with water, let that dry, then applied White Lightening Clean Ride wax/lubricant to my chain. Then I removed the excess from the chain and let it dry overnight. Then, this morning when I...
New Posts  All Forums: