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Last week I took my "hybrid" bike to Easton to ride with my son, we started on the canal path at Wy Hit Tuk Park in Easton, the trail was in rough condition so we eventually got on the road after crossing a small suspension bridge (Riegelsville Bridge) into NJ, lots of rural road and stopped at another bridge where there was a bakery, refuled and headed back, on the return trip we avoided the canal path and stayed on rt 611 after crossing the bridge. Lots of cyclists on...
I have been using my Blackberry and an app called "Map my Tracs" when it works, its great. It syncs with a web site, it tracks speed, distance, etc... and displays your route on a map. The problem is that if I get a call or email it will somtimes interupt the tracking of the ride (rode 26 miles last sunday, when I got home and checked it tracked 6 miles) so I would like to replace it with somthing that I can use on multiple bikes, will track my speed, distance, upload to...
Cateye on the bars  and my Blackberry (Map my Tracs app) to moniter and track each trip.
So i'v put about 100 miles on the T700, and today I took out the H300, the hybris is faster, maybe just because its more compfortable (less hunched over riding position)?  Antway, I ordered a new adjustable stem today to raise the handlebars up higher (closer to what the hybrids position is) i'm hoping that makes a difference. I did the same ride this eb=vening that I did on Friday, it was slightly faster avg time (13.3 vs 12.9) and seemed easier. I purchased the T700 to...
Great job. 
Hi Ted   I posed the same question not long ago. I have been riding a Cannondale H300 hybrid, and just picked up a Cannondale T700 and I have not encountered any issues with either (the H300 id 16 years old) and I weigh more than you by a good chunk. Ride what is compfortable, and fits best.   Leo
I had the same symptoms, I took it to the bike shop, they removed the bottom bracket, cleaned it out and lubed it, buttoned everything back up and it rides great, no noise.  
Well I went with Aluminum, I found a good deal on an older Cannondale CAD 2 ( T700) touring bike, so far I have gotten two rides in (17 & 12 miles) not as fast as I thought it would be, but it has the same size tires as my hybrid (700 x 38c) it may take some getting use to. ANy input on if different tires might make a difference, the current ones are pretty agressive and look more like trail tires than road tires??   Thnks
I'm thinking about purchasing a pre-owned road bike. I am currently riding a Canondale H300 (hybrid) my avarage ride is about 13 miles, all on paved surfaces. I weigh in at 280lb so i am concerned about durability, my Canondale has held yup very well for the past 10 years, just wondering if steel is a better alternative? Thanks
I just happened to spot this forum this morning, "Clydesdales"   awsome, I thought i was the only bigger guy out riding my bike. At 5' 11" and about 280 i dont set any speed records. I ride an older Cannondale H300, usally 10 to 12 miles at a time a few times pr/week, avg about 12.5mph  so I was thinking about a road bike as an upgrade to the cannondale, but was always concerned about the durability with a rider my size. ANy input or suggestions?   Thnks
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