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I know, but I was using these charity rides as a way to give back.  My friend's wife has MS and is not getting any better.  I just want to give back, and I thought cycling would be a great way to do that.  I just need to take these kind of rides differently and quit being so aggressive.  Like most of you, I'm pretty competitive when I get on a bike.  I just need to take it easy on these rides and quit trying for personal bests.  
  No, I was not in the aero position.  I would not do that in the middle of a pack.  Aero belongs to solo riders or those in the very front.   I just like my TT bike feel over my road bike since I do most my training on it.
It's a Felt TT carbon.  The road rash may scar, but I have no clue yet.  It's still in the 'ooze' phase.   
Thanks everyone!  Just curious, if I have to take 8-12 weeks off, from experience how long does it take to get back the fitness you had before?  I understand everyone is different.  I'm just looking for a ballpark idea.    Also, should I have my LBS look over the bike, or in your opinion, is that something you would do yourselves?  I don't think they are really any better at looking for cracks/damage than we would be, but I could be wrong.  The bike looks fine, but I...
Maydog/dhk2, you are so right.  I just got off the phone with my brother (another cyclist) talking about this.  I just told him I will never ride like that in a pack again with a group of strangers.  Yep, I learned a lesson - the hard way.   Yesterday, I was fully convinced I would never do a big rec ride again.  I've been training for TTs the past few years w/o incident.  I can see the road ahead of me.   I see the troll, AOG, is still around these forums.  Pfft!   But,...
I was doing the Sam's Club MS 150 here in the Dallas area yesterday going for 100 miles on day 1.  I was looking forward to a great ride and to put another century on my list.  At around mile 27, I was in a group doing 22.4 mph (checked Garmin) on a country road made of the dreaded chip seal.  I was drafting behind several riders so I could not see the road directly in front of me.  I always make a habit to try to look around people since I ride solo 99% of the time and...
Control of your life and situations are an illusion.  I'm not saying to go out tempt fate, but you have to put things in perspective.  Cycling has risks - so does walking on a sidewalk.  A runner was killed here last year by a cyclists.    Just don't worry about it.  Be as safe as you can be.  Everything else is out of your control.
The Contour HD  has a better design IMO.  The shaking is my mount - not the camera.  The Contour HD has image stabilization, but it can't compensate for my poor mount on chip seal.  On YouTube, you can see side by side movies with the two cameras.  They are both great!   Time syncing the data with the video is done manually.  It's not hard to do at all.  
The Dashboard stuff was added after the fact using software called Dashware.  The full version is $50 US (or so).  It takes my Garmin file from my Edge 500 for all the info - GPS, elevation, speed, power, cadence, grade, temp, and HR.  There is also a free overlay program that does the same, but it is not nearly as pretty.  I can't recall the name off the top of my head, but it does work.  I had it installed on my last PC (rebuilt PC since then).
I use the Contour HD camera.  It works great!   Here's a video of a TT I did late last year using it.  It was mounted on the bike using the supplied fasteners.  I need to find a better mounting bracket for it.  As a result, it does get a bit jumpy on the chip seal roads.  Oh, and no comments about me passing the one rider on the right.  The wide angle lens makes it look much closer than it actually is.  It was a judgement call.    
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