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There are many things that will help individual to come up a best knowledge about a certain parts of a bike.
There are many beautiful shoes that will suit to your need and it will give a good interactions in all your doings.  
Hello,MPC wheels are pretty popular too     But im loving my atoms :)     Cheers ^_^    
Check online to have it a guide to where to find it and you can also check here http://www.fast-autos.net/diecast-cars-models/Shimano-XT-FC-M760-CRANKSET-%26-BB-175mm---32-tooth-ring-%26-Bashguard---$280-Value_120907704983.html.
That is good for the triathlons and it is very relaxing to wear and it is also safe.  
Here is a website that has instructions on how to make something similar to what you are looking for.   check biketinker site.  
I've heard about this touring bicycle and I was amaze because it so cool that you get to travel using it as it carry lot's of load. Hoping I can do it during my vacation with my family.
Nice video dude, it looks good and fantastic. Great job
The F6 road bike is equally adept at city limit sprints or long mountain climbs. Balancing a high level of stiff pedaling efficiency with precision handling in sprints, corners and twisting descents, it’s a versatile all-rounder for everyday performance. Hope it helps :)  
Have not tried to ride the bike but my brother does, he said this bike is awesome and he really like, he said it feels like he was inlove while he was doing his first ride.
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