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How long is a piece of string I suppose, but I have a cut on the rear tire - a Michelin Pro Race. It's just under a cm across and seems quite deep, though I don't think I can see the tube through it. What's the general consensus on this? Is it ok to ride as I want to go out for a 120km route tomorrow. The thought of it blowing 60km away from home doesn't thrill me! Anyone any opinions on this? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pera71 Thanks for your reactions and the reassurance ! After a long weekend (cycling 450 km in 4 days with friends) my thigh muscles were sore for a couple of days, but during and after running I felt indeed that I used other muscles which were not tired. Personally I don't like to run. I started a few months ago and built up really slowly, but definitely felt that the impact of the running was taking it out of my joints a bit. It...
Hi Richard, I've PM'd you with the email address of a friend of mine. He's a Felt dealer and says he's happy to answer any questions you might have. He'll be up front with you about the whole thing.
I'm 6'5" and I ride a Trek. They make a 63cm frame in most of their road bike range and it's a good fit for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by pwoodard36@eart I am about to buy my first road bike and money is a consideration. I have looked at the Trek 1000, the Javelin Parma, and a KHS 700. Does anyone have opinions about which of these or others might be the best to get starting out? I would like it to last at least 2 years before upgrading. You're in the same position I was in a year ago! Best bet is to look for a new 2004 / 2005 model rather than the...
I imagine that taking magnesium neat probably isn't a good idea, so what's the best way to increase daily intake?
Quote: Originally Posted by runningvato I used to have a similar problem. For me tho, the tingling feeling would eventually get quite painful. I got a smaller bike (went from a 56 to a 54) and all of a sudden all tingling was gone. Mabye you could get a shorter stem and have the same effect since i think i was just stretched out too much. Thanks for your comments, I'll have a good look at my setup.
I've been to see the Doc about a very gentle tingling in the left arm, neck and lower shoulder. He doesn't seem to be worried about it but thought I would see if anyone else has these symptoms and what they have done about it. The tingling is so gentle that a lot of the time I don't even notice it! I seem to remember a while ago that I used to get tingling in the left hand a little when cycling, but that seems to have stopped now. I'm beginning to think that a lot of it...
Quote: Originally Posted by spacefuzz I just memorize the general route, and then tape a short cue list to the stem, Its not much room but you can fit at least a short route there. Then its unobtrusive and you can easily swap directions for different rides. Dont every have to worry about fumbling with a map then, people will think your just checking out your wattage on your computer. I use a similar method to this, I use zip ties rather than tape (just cos...
Found the problem, Yes indeed, it was a bomb. Actually, may have been the left crank, I tightened it by an eighth of a turn and so far the noise has gone. Still, it's come back before so I'll keep an eye on it.
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