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I haven't bought any, but i do plan on buying some
I'm not sure whether FS posts are allowed on this group, but it is on-topic so I hope nobody minds. If this is not kosher I apologize, and will remove the post if asked. 2004 Norco Torrent For Sale Best Offer, asking $1900 [Canadian Funds] (MSRP is $2275), need to sell ASAP. For price of $1900 I'll throw in free shipping within North America. Norco's Top of the Line North Shore Hardtail for 2004. Mainly ridden to work and back from April through August this year -...
Selling a 2004 Norco Torrent. Best Offer, but asking $1900 (MSRP is $2275), need to sell ASAP. Norco's Top of the Line North Shore Hardtail for 2004. Mainly ridden to work and back from April through August this year - taken to the gats once or twice, otherwise only ridden in the city. In EXCELLENT condition. Upgrades include: XT Shifters, Holzfeller DH Pedals, Funn Saddle, Odi Rogue Grips. Otherwise stock • 7" Marzocchi Jr.T triple clamp fork • SAINT RD with a 10 mm...
Looking for some place to ride in Northern CA, prefer south SF bay area, with your dog off leash? I know this might be a touchy subject, so please forgive. Obviously won't work at the more crowded places to MTB. TIA
Try glucosamine. Orthoscopic surgery.
I am also a Toronto commuter who rides in rain/sun/snow/sleet/ice

The problem that I see here is that if a truck were to stay out of the bike lane and stay in the "car lane" for their delivery it would create a similarly dangerous situation for the cyclist.

A narrow passageway would be created for the cyclist in between the curb and the truck. You risk being hit by the driver at the back making a delivery and have a blind exit at...
you are comparing cycling 'racing' tyres with automobile 'street' tyres

consider that a good quality car racing tyre costs around $500 each and cycle tyres won't seem so expensive anymore

Also: I can go to the shop and pick up a cheap 27" cycle tyre that will cost $5-10 each

apples and oranges my friend

There a new section about cycling equiptment at
I have a big concern now that the "Off season"/"Base Training" time is here.

Why is it that I can easily and comfortably ride above my Anaerobic Threshold? I mean - I don't feel like I'm doing anything unless I'm riding at or above my AT! (From race season experience) I can easily go from 100 bpm to 180 bpm in about 45 seconds. I've listed my stats below in the hope that this will help some of uou help me answer my...
The Terry Butterfly is an awesome saddle. It's light & firm enough for racing, but really comfy for us female types. It has a hole in the middle and nice rounded edges. I first bought the Terry Ti-liberator, 'cuz it was cheaper, but it eventually started giving me saddle sores. Not a problem w/ the Butterfly.
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