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Ok this is a pretty big question with a lot of variables but basically...

to work out your training zones there are two methods, the first is to go on a percentage of your max heart rate ie 60-75% of 206 for aerobic base rides, 75-85% for aerobic conditioning ie improving performance and 85-100% for really stretching your level of conditioning.

This method works ok for people that don't train much however the values it gives tend to be a bit low for...

Does anyone know where i can go to get my VO2 max, max heart rate and LT tested in Sydney?

Just interested in seeing what they are before and after my new training program
Thanks for the tips bigringking, i figure that it will be a couple of months before i do anything drastic to the bike.

compared to my MTB the OCR3 is like riding a helium balloon! it too started life as a budget bike and over the course of a year turned into a custom beast, new pedals, fork, rims, brakes, handlebar, stem etc

guess you could call me a chronic upgrader
The current fork is Cro mo, how much am i looking at for a decent carbon and how much weight will i save

Also is it true that carbon forks dampen road roughness?

and another thing, the bike is running 700x25 michelins running the max of 105psi and i seem to be squashing them a bit, will i get much advantage of going to 700x23s at higher pressure?
Hey guys i just bought my first road bike a new Giant OCR 3 and i'm wondering if i want to eventually upgrade parts of it where i am going to get the best value for money as far as performance is concerned.

At the moment its stock apart from clipless pedals and computer and i was looking at whether or not to go to narrower tires for lower rolling resistance, new wheels, lighter fork etc.

So far i have found the Sora groupset to be pretty good and...
You may have a point but this gel stuff was like eating lactic acid. It had the wonderful taste of cough syrup combined with the the burning sensation of eating something like washing powder. In the end i stopped and bought jelly snakes to eat. Much better!!!
I'm from Sydney Australia, i'm 22 and an industrial chemist which means i work the worlds stupidest shifts and try to train around them.

Currently getting back into cycling after a layoff due to having my bike nicked. I was doing a lot of running and stuff but then the Doctor told me to stop and so to avoid getting fat i just HAD to go and buy myself a shiny new bike (well thats my excuse anyway)

I ride just to keep fit but after doing the Sydney to...
Hey ness

Engadine is a fair way from my place but if you are interested we can try and sort something out perhaps for a long ride on the weekend occasionally.

email me at sted98@bigpond.com if you are interested
Hey there everyone this is my first post since i only just got back on a bike a few weeks ago (some sod nicked my bike in june and i had to buy another one)

Anyway did anyone else do the Sydney to the Gong ride today?

I learnt some new things about cycling in Sydney today.

1. There are some insanely fit people on very nice bikes in Sydney.
2. There are some people who are just plain insane riding 90km on FS mountain bikes with...
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