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The name was given to me by a work partner for the way I made a nurse cry. We were called to a nursing home for an unconscious patient, a patient who was unconscious because she had a stroke just an hour or so prior and her nurse had continued to feed her chicken noodle soup. While I was suctioning chicken noodles and broth out of the patients trachea, I delivered a bit of soliloquy about the nurse's incompetence. Apparently the words hurt her feelings. I was glad she...
I think you should also ask strangers on a bus and cashiers at your local grocery store if you should have surgery.
I'm not sure that idiot is a strong enough word.
Yo, conspiracy boy, the NSA was formed on November 4, 1952.....uhm that's almost 49 years before 9/11. That puts your conspiracy notions in perspective, criminal.
You're an idiot and an example of a bad cyclist.Simple math: the closing speed difference between a pedestrian and a car changes little no matter which way the pedestrian walks. That's not the case for cyclists.Congrats are in order, however, since you managed to dig up a 7.5 year old thread.
Sorry, I evaluate the evidence in hand. I don't need to make up fantasies or conspiracies to account for upsetting events.You can keep your YouTube videos, conspiracy whore. There is zero evidence to support any such conspiracies. Zero. None. Zip. Zilch. Remember, too, that you are the "man" that thought an old man was following him. Remember how you assaulted him? That event is just one example of how far from lucid your thoughts are.
None of that is a surprise as you seem like exactly the sort of person that would buy into conspiracy crap completely lacking in evidence. I don't see how you can be an engineer and not be able to discern between fact and fantasy. Of course, you don't actually work as an engineer, do you?
JTE83 and PoorInRichfield, I thought of you guys when I saw this on God's Facebook page: So, the next time that onanistic urge hits, you might wanna turn out the lights in case anyone or any invisible man in the sky is watching.
You are loon, aren't you? Prove to me that there is a "Satan". There is no evidence to prove as much, so your shit out of luck. The modern world must confuse the fuck out of you. You also seem to struggle with reading, context, and mistaking what you read with reality. I mean, Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick, do you not have any clue at all that the entertainment industry is all about entertainment?Perhaps you should run off and find yourself a religious forum,...
Thank the solid state guys for their creative doping and use of phosphors: http://www.lrc.rpi.edu/programs/nlpip/lightinganswers/led/whiteLight.asp
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