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I looked into the face of a chihuahua recently, and it was like looking into the cold dead eyes of a psychopath. The most evil fuckin eyebrows I ever did see. It was like gazing into the abyss of Hell..  
I was absolutely livid. The State of Origin was on and Kevvie was wearing a BLUE TIE! Is there no end to this man's treachery? Does he have no shame?     BTW, I'm not dead yet. Just been for a checkup and no trace of Jack the Dancer. And I still want to punch Lance Armstrong, really hard, right in the face.
The funniest stack I ever saw was some bloke on a fixie, no helmet, no lights, riding one handed on the footpath while gibbering into his phone. I was riding parallel on the road to him on the roadway when he went straight into the side of a very solid bus shelter. I stopped to sink the slipper in for being a fuckwit but he was drunk so I let him off and helped him untangle himself. He was a bit pissed off because I couldn't stop laughing. I saw another one involving...
I outlived the vile thing. Now I can die a happy man.*                 *But not for a while yet. :D
The interview with Oprah is going to be funnier than seeing someone getting run over by a truck and squashed. I can't wait.
They're still a bank, so it was a futile effort.
So now we have confirmation of what we always knew. Lance Armstrong was a lying cheating doping cheating crooked cheating cheat. That's his legacy. He was the biggest cheat of all time.If he was Japanese he'd be cutting his belly right now. I bet campybob's head has exploded.  
Where are you walking in Tas.? I've found from experience to avoid Tasmanian pubs. Every one is very very closely related to every one else but for some odd reason they react violently when reminded of this close familial relationship especially when beaten at pool. Drinking with mass murderers and cannibals has its occasional moments of frivolity but generally speaking Tasmanians are best avoided except at gunpoint.
Cycling Australia and Greenedge must be out of their minds. Where will they ever find a replacement with hair as awesome as Matt White's?  
New Posts  All Forums: