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Hello all,   Long time since my last post here.   Here is my opinion on LA doping charges. I think he has not other way now than to confess and it would not surprise me if he does in the next couple of days. If he waits for UCI until after Oct. 31, then he will find himself in even a worst situation. LA is probably preparing a "good apology speech" now. However for most people is not about admiting he doped (most of the people already know he doped). If he does...
Generally when a rider tests positive everybody turns his back on him, team, media, sponsors, etc. In contador's case this has not happened. Not only the Spanish support contador, but also his team (that has just announced a spot featuring Contador to get more clients for the bank), sponsors still trust him, and people like Eddy Merckx, and many other riders and team directors. I'm not saying he is innocent or gilty, just say what I see. In many people's mind Contador...
Ullrich has just been banned 2 years for his implication in Operation Puerto and loses all his victories from 2005-2007. Ullrich finished 3rd in the 2005 TdF so he loses that in favour of Spaniard Mancebo who finished 4th. Contador finished 31 in that years Tour so now he is in 30 place!!!! Congratulations Alberto!!!!!!!   Now seriously, all this stinks!!!
  Yes the ascent times to alpe Dhuez have dropped a lot in the last years. One wonders why?   Pantani's time is just unreachable. It required Armstrong a time trial in 2004 to approach it by one second!!!
Time of the winner in alpe dhuez today was: 41:20  
Contador is back!! They did not take time on him in the Pyrineees when they could, and now I'm afraid Contador is going to crush them all in the next days.
Did you guys noticed that Contador sprinted to the finish with his hands on the hoods while all other riders had their hands on the handlebar lower drops????    
You know, here in Spain, Indurain is still a hero. We have Contador too now, but it is totally different. I have the feeling that AC could win 10 Grand Tours and still he would not be as great a Miguel.   Cheers!!
  What about 97 ?  
I think the photo is more recent limerickman.   Pennstater, Indurain retired at 32.
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