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I am thinking, wouldn't a motor like this be discovered by the cycling authorities? I mean, they check the bikes of the riders to see they have the correct minimum weight, geometry, etc, right? Even if it is very well hidden a professional observer should easily be able to detect such device in my opinion. However, I think this this small motor is a nice addition for us non-profesionals than only take the bike in the weekends. I would buy it if it comes available in stores.
The ban should have started as of today, from May 2010-May 2012, but since the ban seems to have a retroactive effect (from January 2010), wouldn't make more sense to take away all his victories of the 2008-2009 years and just let him ride now?? Another thing that worries me is that neither Valverde, Basso or Ullrich were ever positive. This makes me wonder how easy is to pass "doping controls" and how many riders still get away with it. Who believes Basso and Valverde...
Quote: Originally Posted by genedan I'm a little confused though, will that mean that he'll have been effectively banned in Italy for 3 years instead of 2? I don't know. It is all very confusing. He is being punished for something he suposedly done back in 2006 (Operacion Puerto) right???? It has been announced today that he will be striped of all his victories from this year but that he can keep victories from 2008 and 2009 which mean that he is still the...
Yes, Go Greg Go!! Not only a great champion but a guy who loves the sport too. Somo people LiveStrong, Greg Lemond LiveHonest.
Have you read the news? Valverde has just been banned from competition for 2 years.
I really hope Roberto Heras comes clean. Surely he knows a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by gtm Another interesting part of the article is what Kristin Armstrong said (or didn't say) As for Landis's claim that he received EPO in her presence, Kristin wrote, "I don't remember that." This is quite illuminating & suggests to me KA may have taken legal advice. She didn't say 'That never happened & Landis is lying'. The implication is at some point in the future her memory may be 'refreshed'. I wonder if Kristin has any...
This is what a Lemond had to say about Landis: "I believe most of Floyd Landis’s statements regarding the systemic corruption in professional cycling. I imagine from my own experiences that today he is paying a heavy price for his honesty and I support Floyd in his attempt to free himself from his past. I hope that others- fans, riders and sponsor’s embrace this as an opportunity to bring about positive change in the sport." Considering how Landis treated Lemond a...
I'm from Spain and I can tell you there is a lot of passion for the sport here. The post-Indurain era is giving way to a group of the best riders in the world.
Quote: Originally Posted by limerickman He reminds me of BigMig : both very powerful. Canc can't climb as well as the Big Man though. Although some of the turns he did on the climbs in last years TDF were huge. Yes, Cancellara has improved his climbing a little bit, but still has long way to go. I guess Indurain was the exception that confirmed the rule: Big guys can't climb!!
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