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swampy, I think you didn't get what I was trying to say. Sure, Lance was superior overall to Pantani, Ullrich, Zülle, etc on individual terms, BUT not even the supermachine Armstrong can keep an eye on them all, and US Postal was not that powerful back in 1999. Do you think Lance would have won the Tour de France against let's say 5 Jan Ullrichs riding on different teams? Well maybe, but it would have been much harder that's for sure. In any case maybe you are right,...
There is also one other major NEW addition to next year's Vuelta. That is the climb to "Bola del Mundo" (at about 2,200 meters over sea level), which is an extension of Navacerrada climb near Madrid. This is one of the hardest climbs in the world. Next to Angliru, nothing as hard has ever been attempted in the Vuelta ever. A few months ago Contador mentioned this climb (he climbed Navacerrada about 200 times training last year!! ) and the organizers of the Vuelta seem...
Quote: Originally Posted by jamie72 So you would have been over the "healthy" limit of 50% and banned then! Haha! LOL, Yes, I suppose so!
For me this would be pointless. When I was 23 years old, I was measured 50.5 once at a clinic and I have never been a profesional sportman and neither doped. I used to run 5 km every morning back then, but other than that I don't think living at 700 meters above sea level had much to do with it. So you go fiugre out.
A team where its top 3 riders are OLD!!! Armstrong 38 Leipheimer 37 Kloden 35 * * * * * * Contador 27
Ups! I dont know why the video does not appear in the last message!!
A small tribute to the "Greatest" Look how he sprints at 2:20!!!
Why there are not movies about cycling at all? There are tons of movies about baseball, football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and many other sports but what about cycling? The only movie I know about cycling is Amarican Flyers with Kevin Costner.
Quote: Originally Posted by swampy1970 I really don't think there's any "what if's" to be had. When you win the prologue, both time trials and dismantle the field in no uncertain terms on the first big mountain stage, it's a bit like asking "has a herring ever eaten a shark?" Just for the sake of seeing some carnage: Pwned Pwned????? Without the 6 minutes Zulle lost on an early flat stage due to wind, he would have finished only about 1:30 minutes behind...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hitchy I don't think it would have made much difference....but while we're exploring 'premises', lets add a 4th. Imagine if tests for EPO & HGH had been developed back then. Woulda changed the world! Certainly, Armstrong, Ullrich, Pantani, Zulle and many others would have tested positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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