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Lagos de Covadonga: LAGOS DE COVADONGA - Altimetrías de Puertos de Montaña Angliru: ANGLIRU - Altimetrías de Puertos de Montaña
Quote: Originally Posted by vspa isn't it Chris Boardman ? he is not so tall No, no Boardman. Do a search for Ondrej Sosenka.
Cancellara could improve in the mountains if he dropped weight, BUT he would never climb like Contador, Pantani, etc. His style would me more like Ullrich or Indurain, using all his strenght without getting out of the saddle. The 2010 TdF is going to be great. Contador is the man to beat, but I wouldn't rule Lance out. This year he had a broken collarbone and rode the Giro first, while Contador and the Slecks didn't. For 2010, he has announced that he will not be riding...
Quote: Originally Posted by vspa i think Cancellara is a bit too tall / big. That played against Indurain for example, remember is not in a straight line, during the turns inertia plays a role against the bigger guys The current record holder is 2 meters high!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by limerickman The greats all had a crack at the hour : Merckx, Indurain, Rominger, most notably. Dont forget Coppi and Anquetil before them. Hinault however never tried, right?
A shame niether L.Armstrong or Ullrich ever attemted to break the hour record. They were great time trialist. What about Cancellara, could he do it?
Thanks for the videos. It is nice to see, at 3:36 on the first one Indurain giving the trophy to Ullrich. Regarding Angliru- it is probably the toughest climb in the World. Do a search on google and see the profile, slopes at 22-24%!!! Contador crushed them all last year.
Quote: Originally Posted by limerickman Thanks. Having read the Robert Millar, what becomes apparent is just how much training a top level professional does during a season. Millar's book says that he trained 5-6 days per week : each week. Kelly was another very hard worker. Kelly is alleged to have trained throughout the offseason and while racing he would still train! Hello Limerikman, Lemond talks about Kelly several times on his book, and refers to...
Ok, we go back to 1999, the first TdF won by Lance Armstrong with an overall lead of about 7 minutes over Alex Zülle. Now, let's add the following three premises: 1. Zülle is not cut by the wind in that early stage in which he lost 6 minutes to LA. 2. Marco Pantani is not expelled from the Giro y arrives at the TdF in good shape just like the previous year when he won. 3. Jan Ullrich does not have knee injury and can participate in the TdF in good shape. Question:...
Hello again, This is what Lemond used to do and recomends in his book: Training begins in November after a whole week of total rest (4th week of October). Without getting into details but in general his training gooes as follows: November: Train 4 days a week during the first 3 weeks. 4th week total rest. December: Train 4 days a week during the first 3 weeks. 4th week total rest. From January onwards: Train 6 days a week the whole month. Mondays is always rest...
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