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That is something that I don't really understand about cycling. I have Lemond's book and he says that he only rested a week from one season to another, at the end of October. In November he already began his winter training. He says that some riders used to rest for 2 full months in winter and then had to spend 3 months just to get in shape. So, I wonder what riders like Armstrong do. Has Lance done any riding at all since he finished the 2009 TdF? What does Armstrong...
Yes a stupid idea. One thing is to cross the border into France and/or Switzerland and another thing is crossing the ocean. This is supposed to be the Giro de ITALIA, and not the Worldwide Giro. This year's experiment to take the Vuelta to Holland was a stupid idea too in my opinion. Go to Portugal or France if you want but not that far away. What would be next? Take the TdF to the Chinese Wall???
I wonder where will Alberto Contador stand once he retires. It's a long time to go still, he will be 27 next year, and already has won 2 TdF, 1 Giro, 1 Vuelta. If he rides until he is 32 and manages to win at least a 3-week race per year is going to be one of the greatest too. We will see. I like him, he is a nice guy, but lacks the charisma of other champions.
Quote: Originally Posted by limerickman Coppi video : is that him and Bartali in Milan FC jerseys?? Yes, that's correct.
Quote: Originally Posted by steve It looks like the back wheel has 4 cogs, perhaps i'm cross eyed from looking at the computer monitor for to long? PS - I love my 39x25 Quote: Originally Posted by limerickman 52/46 chainring. Hard to know the size of the block (rear gears) : looks like 12-14-16 setup but I can't be certain. Wow! climbing Alpe D'huez with a 46 x 16 has to be tough!! Riders today use what, 39 x 17?
I like the song it was put with Ulrich: "Don't stop Believing". Also the one that goes with Hinault fits perfectly: "Bad to the bone". Sean Kelly's song was good too. Coppi has of course his own song.
You are going to love these three videos. From the author of the videos: "Don't take it too seriously, it's just a list based on my personal choices, and obviously as subjective as it can be. Don't whine if your rider isn't on it or if he's not rated very high." Part I. From #30 to #21 #30 Giuseppe Saronni --- The Who - The seeker #29 Laurent Jalabert --- Wampas - Jalabert #28 Tony Rominger --- The clash - I fought the law #27 Lucien Van Impe --- Deep Purple -...
Just wondering, does anybody know what is the approximate weight of Coppi's bike? 10 kg maybe?
Quote: Originally Posted by limerickman You've also got to factor in the following : many of these guys were racing day in, day out. They very often had to wash their own cycling apparel. Throw in the terrible road surface. heavy bikes. Primitive gearing. If these guys were around today, they'd be top of the game no doubt. Love watching the old footage. Cycling was a very very tough sport back then Agree. ... and also these guys didn't get pay millions...
Coppi was thin but his physique was actually exceptional for his size. IIRC, he had a lung capacity of 6.5 liters. However he suffered from broken bones during his whole carreer. it is said that this was due to malnutrion when he was a boy. Coppi was that type of guy that transcended his sport. Like Ali in boxing, or Fangio in Formula 1. He was a very famous public figure. They should make a movie about his life.
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