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Yes, I wear yellow. I have already bought 30 bands and gave them away at school. I'm going to try to donate 100$ to his foundation.
Quote: Originally Posted by MERTON that russian "president"? it looks like a dictatorship is in the making. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,142153,00.html Fox news, [shakes head] Dont be such an ignorant dumbass. god if over half the pop. in the u.s watched fox news twinky boy would get elected again. Oh ****, that already happened! Just gota keep on keepin on I guess.
Quote: Originally Posted by davidmc You are correct. These days, relatively to obscenely rich people start wars so that relatively to obscenely poor people can fight them. You never hear someone say-" I'm rich what shall i do? I think i'll join the military." Can't say I ever met any rich guys when I was in the military. Obscenely rich greedy people start a war based on a lie and kill thousands, but you can go to prison for smoking a joint? The world revolves...
Quote: Originally Posted by davidmc Very apropo thread, Lim. I don't mind if Bush wants to go @ the world killing people & breaking things, just do it on your own dime, not the taxpayers money dammit . Get the money from your rich, frat boy, country club, balding, middle-aged, predominately white, upper-class, supporters. This country is not your piggybank for you to fund your PNAC doctrine. I am hopeful that history will crucify him for all the deaths & deficits...
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