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Garmin Edge 500 GPS


Pros: Clean, professional, great functionality

Cons: None

I love this thing. Very easy to program and set up, especially if you've owned a garmin before. Comes with an extra mount so switching it between bikes is easy. Acquires satellites quickly, elevation info is much better than previous gps units. Has a selectable readout for vertical speed, which is a great indication of your power/weight ratio especially for those of us without power meters. There are also some great websites out there for sharing and comparing gps rides like strava.com.


Pros: easy to install and use, multiple options for data to display, multi-screen readouts, customizeable display . . .

Cons: temperature reading not accurate (always reads high)

I am loving this!  I got the team package that also includes a heart rate monitor and cadence/speed sensor. 


It provides a great deal of data and has multiple display screens and customizable data readouts.  You can easily program it to display a multitude of data (from the basic speed/time/distance to various heart rate readouts to elevation/Grade/direction), but I am using only 3 data points on each of the 3 screens that I have scrolling during my rides.  Although it only provides me with 9 data points while riding, it still records many others that I can access/analyze after upload to Garmin Connect.  This allows me to track my progress as the season progresses.  You can customize the distance of laps (or not use laps at all) for further comparability if you are doing a set route.


I can't recommend this highly enough.


Pros: easy to use, easy to transfer bike to bike

Cons: none

great unit.

Easy to use. Good battery life. Easy to program different screens.

Glad I bought it


Pros: Simple set-up, easy to read in any light, Multiple areas for personalisation, information overload, Easy to upload to Garmin Connect

Cons: None thus far

What a brilliant piece of equipment. I saw and read about this item for a number of months and made the decision to purchase it. I should have bought it sooner.

It's easy to use, set-up, customise, read, upload to Garmin Connect, actually, it's totally easy to use.

The screen is adjustable, the timer on the back light for night riding is ajustable.

You can have up to 3 x bikes set-up on it and it only takes seconds to switch from one bike to another. It's waterproof, plus has a rubber edge so if you drop it, you don't break it first time. You can get parts for it at any bike shop.

It's very accurate and the training zones are a great way to improve your riding, which by the way is again, easy to set-up.

This has to be the computer for dummies, you just can't go wrong.

The battery charges while you upload to Garmin Connect and speaking of batteries, I've never ran out of battery life, even on 5 hour plus events.

It has 3 main info screens plus 1 screen for live training data.

It's easy to change from screen to screen during your ride, but if you don't want to change it manually, you can set it up to auto scroll through your screens so you see the rolling data.....brilliant!

I've used other devices (NR, Top peak, Spealized)  but nothing comes close to the Edge 500.

If your thinking about it, don't!...do your self a favour and get one, you'll only improve the way you ride.


Pros: Versitile, easy to use

Cons: Uploading courses

I use this exclusively on both my bikes now. Easy to switch between the two. Has all the data I could ever want. I like that you can customize the screens. My only complaints are uploading courses and following them(admittedly this is mostly me learning to read them). I use import routes into Training Center an upload to the device, but it takes along time since it wants to copy everything instead of just the one course. I would like to use Garmin Connect, but cannot import routes from other websites into there.  

Garmin Edge 500 GPS

The most hotly-anticipated computer of all time has arrived just in time for the holidays. Developed with input from the Garmin professional cycling team, the Edge 500 builds upon the Edge 305/605/705 foundation with new features and styling, yet the fini

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