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Rocky Mountain Metropolis Nrt '10


Pros: Internal gears, disc brakes, compact frame, pegged pedals

Cons: High bottom bracket, very rigid ride, annoying fenders

I purchased this bike - it was just called the Metropolis then - in 2009, a 2008 model on sale. Normal price was just over 1000.00 Canadian. It was meant to replace a 23 year old touring bike that was starting to show it's age. Oddly enough, it weighs almost 10 pounds more than that old touring bike, despite having an aluminum frame.

On the whole I've been satisfied with it. I don't love it, but it does the job of getting me to work and picking up groceries. That year's model came with an ugly flat black paint job and fenders with breakaway tabs on the stays. I ended up gluing the breakaway tabs closed because they kept breaking away in the middle of rides.

Fitting a rack was a challenge with the disc brake. Since it's meant to be a commuter, Rocky Mountain could have specified rear dropouts with extra eyelets to make this job easier. I ended up with an Axiom rack and a spacer tube from a disc brake rack by another manufacturer.

The high bottom bracket is another thing that seems odd on a city commuter bike, but the sloping top tube has enough clearance that I can ride in a dress or skirt if I need to. Love the pegged platform pedals - they're perfect for short city rides in stop-and-go traffic.

Ride quality is very stiff, you feel every bump and pebble on this bike. I can get up and sprint past slower cyclists if I need to, though, despite the hefty 34 pound weight. The rapidfire shifters required replacement this year, but they work well for city riding as well.

Overall it's good value. Now there are hub gear bikes with better features for the same price, but at the time it was a good buy

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Rocky Mountain Metropolis Nrt '10

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