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Shimano FlightDeck Road Display


Pros: always know what gear I'm in

Cons: none

I've had this cyclecomputer for a LONG time. Actually, I have two of them, one for each bike, because this computer has all the functions I want including cadence. Easy to change between functions and NO problems with the device in several years. Has endured a lot of rain and even snow, but still keeps working. I love being able to look down and quickly see what gear I'm in.


Pros: Buttons located in brifter hoods, shows what gear you are in

Cons: Virtual cadence, prone to RFI

Good computer for a recreational cyclist only as the cadence is a virtual cadence figured by the speed and selected gear ratio. I have coasted down hills without pedalling and it showed that I had a cadence of 120 rpm.


The buttons are located in the brifter hoods which makes it extremely convenient to use. You can cycle through the screens without taking your hands off the handlebars, unless you are riding in the drops.


It shows what gear you are in and displays the number of the teeth on the chain ring and the cassette cog in use. These values are loaded into the computer when it is set up and they must be reloaded if you change to a cassette or chain ring that has different numbers of teeth than the original.


This unit seems to be effected by RFI a little more than other  units that I have owned, especially when riding right next to electrical substations, however it did feel good to look down at my average speed screen and see 134 mph.

Shimano FlightDeck Road Display

Shimano FlightDeck Road Display: Flight Deck features SC-6502 oversize dual-mode display STI lever integration auto start/stop graphic gear position display easy tire circumference input cadence display without crank sensor power saver function double or triple cranksets 8 or 9 10-speed drive train compatible off-bike data viewing all clear switch Standard or Rapid-Rise derailleur compatible current speed in km/h or mph lap counter simultaneous elapsed time and stopwatch functions data storage up to four bicycles weatherproof

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