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I'm a fairly new mtn biker and want to be more efficient and knowledgeable about using my gears. I usually set my gears to whatever feels good at the moment, but how can I be smarter about this? Also, I often take my mtn bike out on paved trails or on the road just for a workout. Where should I set my gears in this case so that I can build endurance and strength?<br /><br />Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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I've been riding for over a year now (call me junior ;D)<br />And here's my take:<br />Off road I usually run along in the secong cog on the front and use the rear cassette to change only.<br />DH I still use the middle cog but on-road I sometimes use the big cog but the middle is better for cadence and you don't get flogged so quickly.<br />I don't use the granny gear, mainly coz it's taken too many hits ??? and the preformance of said cog is well below par! : :P<br /><br />Middle cog is the best for me!
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Re: Re:Gears

I'd second what rokems said, but also think you should note that you will generally get longer crank rotations out of the bigger front chainring. so rather than having a gear combo like 1/9, you'd be better off with 2/5 or 3/2 (front to back)
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Re: Re: Re:Gears

I read a ton about conditioning on a bike and it seemed to sum up by saying that the answer was to get a smooth spin, rather than the ability to grunt your way through the climb.
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