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Dr. Horkel's vagina stretcher (the EPI-NO)

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First this WARNING...

Obstetricians are *knowingly* closing birth canals up to
30%. See PROOF at the very end of this post.

PREGNANT WOMEN: It's EASY to allow your birth canal to OPEN
the "extra" up to 30%. See the very end of this post.


LADIES A pre-stretched vagina is no doubt nice at birth -
your vagina is going to have to stretch anyway - but it
makes NO sense to pre-stretch your vagina and then let your
MD close your birth canal!

Again: It's EASY to allow your birth canal to OPEN the
"extra" up to 30%. See the very end of this post.

So maybe pre-stretch AND open your pelvic outlet the "extra"
up to 30%?...

(I wonder how daily perineal massage in the last trimester
compares with the EPI-NO.)


Andrea Robertson wrote of the EPI-NO:

"...users of the vaginal dilator had lower episiotomy rates
than women generally...this device may have its uses,
particularly for women who fear second stage and face birth
in a climate of routine episiotomy. It is expensive and
takes time and commitment to use...it seems to provide a
useful alternative to routine perineal surgery. Reference:
Siome Cohain J. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest. vol 14, no 1, March
2004, pp 37-41. http://www.birthinternational.com/diary/arc-

EPI-NO inventor Wilhelm G. Horkel, MD replied:

"...It took about 3 years to develop the device and I made
first EPI-NO experiences with mothers to be in my
gynecological and obstetrical clinic and praxis in
Bavaria...I trusted my idea and I started the first study
worldwide at the University Hospital in Munich together with
Prof. Schneider in 1997. The results of this first study and
the acceptance by the women in my praxis were so
overwhelming that I patented the device and started the
production at Tecsana GmbH in Munich. Now a couple of years
later EPI-NO is available in over 21 countries in 5
continents. I am shure that EPI-NO will start a revolution
in birth and after birth treatment and that it will become
standard in birth worldwide in a couple of years..." --
Wilhelm G. Horkel, MD http://www.birthinternational.com/dia-

OPEN LETTER Wilhelm Horkel Maximilianstr. 5 82319 Starnberg
Tel.: 08151-746 555 Fax: 08151-2031
Email:drhorkel@hotmail.com www.dr-horkel.de


First a little trivia just in case you haven't heard...


"She took three small glasses of hard liquor and, using a
kitchen knife, sliced her abdomen in three attempts...and
delivered a male infant that breathed immediately and
cried," said Dr R.F. Valle, of the Dr Manuel Velasco Suarez
Hospital in San Pablo, Mexico." http://www.cnn.com/2004/HEA-

See: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-


I wrote: OBs are knowingly closing birth canals up to 30%...

Aribert Deckers (also from Germany) responded: "That is a
blatant lie."

I responded to Aribert as follows...

Aribert is sort of right.

1. Not all OBs know they are closing birth canals; and

2. In some women OBs are closing birth canals MORE than 30%.

Here's my source for the 30% figure...

"[T]he outlet increases with moulding by approximately 20-30
per cent." --Russell JGB. Moulding of the pelvic outlet. J
Obstet Gynaec Brit Cwlth 1969;76:817-20.

NOTE: In 1973, Ohlsen verified Russell's 20% figure on
Borell and Fernstrom's 1957 intrapartum x-rays.
Ohlsen pointed out that the authors of Williams
Obstetrics were claiming that the pelvic diameters
don't change during delivery - so the authors of
Williams Obstetrics decided (erroneously) that dorsal
delivery widens! See:

MORE THAN 30%...


Check out the following "head must rotate around a line
joining the ischial tuberosities" quote from the 21st (2001)
edition of Williams Obstetrics:

"In obstructed labor caused by a narrowing of the...pelvic
outlet, the prognosis for vaginal delivery often depends on
the length of the posterior sagittal diameter of the pelvic
outlet (p. 56)...The posterior triangle [of the pelvic
outlet]...is limited at its apex by the tip of the last
sacral vertebra (not the coccyx) (p. 437)...With increasing
narrowing of the pubic arch, the occiput cannot emerge
directly beneath the symphysis pubis but is forced
increasingly farther down...the ischiopubic rami. In extreme
cases, the head must rotate around a line joining the
ischial tuberosities [!] (p. 438)..."

Stated another way, if the mother has a narrow pubic arch,
the baby's head doesn't go into the arch very far - which
greatly increases the influence of sacro-iliac motion.

Again, some babies are REALLY getting hammered.

In such women the pelvic outlet is likely closed WAY more
than 30% if sacroiliac motion is denied.

MDs knew about what I am talking about early last

Harvard obstetrician Arthur B. Emmons, MD wrote in 1913

"[M]oving backward of the tip of the sacrum...enlarges
the available space not merely directly in proportion to
the distance backward, but more nearly by the square of
that distance." [Emmons, AB. A study of the variations in
the female pelvis, based on observations made on 217
specimens of the American Indian squaw. Biometrika 1913;
9:34-47.] WEIRD!

######### In the 70s, why *was* Williams Obstetrics saying
######### that the pelvic
diameters don't change? See Ohlsen discussion at:

######### After all, J. Whitridge Williams, MD, the
######### original author of
Williams Obstetrics clinically demonstrated truly MASSIVE
changes in AP pelvic outlet diameter in 1911!

######### How could MD-obstetricians get something so very
######### important so
very wrong?

######### What if MD-obstetricians INTENTIONALLY got it
######### wrong?


Here's what was added to Williams Obstetrics at my request:

"It should be noted...that the increase in the diameter of
the pelvic outlet occurs **only** if the sacrum is allowed
to rotate posteriorly, that is, only if the sacrum is not
forced anteriorly by the weight of the maternal pelvis
against the delivery table or bed." [Cunningham, MacDonald,
Leveno, Gant and Gilstrap, Williams Obstetrics Appleton-
Lange 1993:285, **italics in original]

Unfortunately, the authors of Williams Obstetrics left in
their text - in the same paragraph (!) the "dorsal widens"
bald lie that first called my attention to their text)!!

I had discovered the "dorsal widens" bald lie that Ohlsen
(see above) stimulated...

It is still in the latest (2001) edition of Williams

Thanks for reading,



DT. Gastaldo todd@chiromotion.com

PS1 Wilhelm, there is now MRI evidence that OBs are denying
"significant" outlet area...

But they could have demonstrated MUCH more! See Flip women
over, reach in vagina, *pull* on sacrum during MRI! http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

PS2 Andrea, thank you for writing about Wilhelm's vagina

I didn't see anything on your website about OBs knowingly
closing birth canals up to 30%.

I note that ACE Graphics (UK) is part of

Maybe ACE Graphics (UK) could do medical illustrations that
attorneys could use to show how MDs are closing birth canals
up to 30%?

See Medical illustrators: Global effort for babies... http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

It occurred to me to write to you when I read the following:

"We would also welcome your feedback on our web site, our
services and products, or anything else that comes to

A website named Birth International should be telling women
that OBs internationally are knowingly closing birth canals
- and that it is EASY for women to offer their babies the
"extra" up to 30%...

Copied to:

Birth International (Australia) PO Box 366 Camperdown NSW
1450 Phone: (02) 9564 2322 Fax: (02) 9564 2388

ACE Graphics (UK) PO Box 173 Sevenoaks Kent TN14 5ZT Phone:
(01959) 524 622 Fax: (01959) 525 800

Matty van Oosterom (New Zealand Agent) Birds & Bees NZ Ltd
PO Box 34 406, Birkenhead, Auckland Phone: (09) 480 1491
Fax: (09) 480 1451 Email: info@cbe.co.nz Web: www.cbe.co.nz

PROOF that OBs are knowingly closing birth canals up to

According to the Merck Manual:

"When shoulder dystocia occurs...the mother's thighs are
hyperflexed to increase the diameter of the pelvic
outlet..." http://www.merck.com/mrkshared/mmanual/section18-

WHY are OBs and CNMwives (nurse midwives) waiting until the
head is out and shoulders get stuck before giving the baby
maximum pelvic outlet diameter?

WHY are we letting OBs and CNMwives force babies' heads
through birth canals senselessly closed up to 30%?

OBs and CNMwives are SLICING vaginas (euphemism "routine
episiotomy") - surgically/FRAUDULENTLY inferring everything
possible is being done to OPEN birth canals - even as they
CLOSE birth canals - up to 30%!

See Criminal medical CAM at Hawai'i's John A Burns School of
Medicine http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

PREGNANT WOMEN: It is EASY for you to allow your birth canal
to OPEN the "extra" up to 30%. Just roll onto your side as
you push your baby out - or deliver on hands-and-knees,
kneeling, standing, squatting, etc.

BEWARE though: Some MDs and MBs will let you "try"
"alternative" delivery positions but will move you back to
dorsal or semisitting (close your birth canal!) as you push
your baby out!

Talk to your MD or MB about this TODAY. (For further details
see the "Criminal medical CAM" URL above.)

MDs/MBs: If you must push or pull - and sometimes you must -
first get the woman off her sacrum - off her back/butt.

My thanks to Bryna for mentioning Dr. Horkel's EPI-NO on the
usenet (misc.kids.pregnancy).

Thanks for reading, everyone.



Dr. Gastaldo todd@chiromotion.com

This post will be archived for global access in the Google
usenet archive. Search http://groups.google.com for "Dr.
Horkel's vagina stretcher (the EPI-NO)"
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Did Naomi ignore 'crazy' Todd? Bryna inspires *another* Gastaldo post


See PS2

First this...

Bryna wrote:

"Hee hee, I inspired a Gastaldo post -- this is a big moment
in my newsgroup career! "s.google.com/groups?selm=20040426211030.27526.00000454%40mb-


THANK YOU for your EPI-NO post!

You did indeed inspire me to write: "Dr. Horkel's vagina
stretcher (the EPI-NO)." http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

(You are mentioned at the very end.)

Upon reading your humorous "Hee hee" and "big moment in my
newsgroup career" comments, it occurred to me that I did
not inspire you to allow your birth canal open the "extra"
up to 30%...

I searched for and found little Yosef's birth story online
(excerpt below)...

Correct me if I am wrong Bryna, but it looks like your
little Yosef was vacuum extracted/pulled through a birth
canal closed up to 30%. : (

MOST vacuum births are done with the mother on her back or
semisitting, closing her birth canal up to 30%. Same with
shoulder dystocia. OBs: If you must pull - and sometimes you
must - you do NOT have to keep the mother's birth canal
closed up to 30%.

Assuming you were on your back or semisitting, maybe you
birthed Yosef before you saw one of my posts?

Yosef's Apgars were 9/9 and he grabbed the doctor's pen
(again, see the excerpt below).

It sounds like he did fine.

Then again, an estimated 4.6% of "healthy" term neonates
suffer unexplained brain bleeds and pediatricians find
unexplained motor and perceptual deficits later in life.


Another misc.kids.pregnancy subscriber - a medical student -
now an MD - apologized to me in her birth story...

If she knowingly allowed her OB to close her birth canal,
she apologized to the wrong person.

But maybe I am wrong... Maybe she didn't birth on her back,
closing her birth canal up to 30%?

See Do-it-yourself C-section! http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

Whenever I discuss the majority of births - with birth canal
senselessly closed - I usually always mention that like most
of us I too was born through a birth canal senselessly
closed up to 30%.

I also attempt humor, saying something like: Incredible as
it may seem I might have been more intelligent! : )

All joking aside though...

Why *are* an estimated 4.6% of "healthy" term babies
suffering unexplained brain bleeds?

Why are some babies manifesting unexplained motor and
perceptual deficits later in life?

Why the unexplained DEATHS of babies at birth?

Australian obstetrician Norman Beischer, MD once guessed
that 10 to 15% of stillbirths were just fine right
before delivery.

Fortunately, most babies do fine - but maybe doing "fine" at
birth is not the best measure of future maximum human
potential? (Those unexplained brain bleeds in "healthy" term
babies really bother me.)

Bryna, I'm hoping you simply did not see my posts until
after Yosef's birth. (Again, I'm assuming that your vacuum
birth was done on your back - or perhaps semisitting -
closing your birth canal up to 30%. My sincerest apologies
if I am wrong - if you insisted on getting off your sacrum
as the OB vacuumed your baby out.)

I am writing this primarily because of your sister's
upcoming birth...

You wrote:

"I think my sister's OB does lots of episiotomies, so I
don't have much hope for her avoiding one. Darn it, I
*told* her to go with a midwife! Little sisters, they never
listen. Thanks for responding."s.google.com/groups?selm=20040426172109.21846.00000272%40mb-

Most episiotomies constitute obvious mass assault and
battery against women.

OBs are slicing vaginas en masse - surgically/FRAUDULENTLY
inferring they are doing everything possible to OPEN birth
canals - even as they CLOSE birth canals - up to 30%.

As always, I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs. MDs
are just academic prime cuts forced through this culture's
most powerful mental meat

grinder - medical school.

Bryna, please make sure your sister knows that OBs are
knowingly closing birth canals - and that it is easy for her
to OPEN her birth canal the "extra" up to 30%.

Maybe your sister could read this post and/or the first post
of mine that you inspired?

See again: "Dr. Horkel's vagina stretcher (the EPI-NO)." http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

Just a thought.




Dr. Gastaldo todd@chiromotion.com

PS1 Here is that excerpt of little Yosef's birth story I
mentioned above...

You wrote: "My doctor wasn't much help...his idea of
encouragement was 'You can push harder! Come on!'"

If your doctor was indeed closing your birth canal up to 30%
- he wasn't much help at all - indeed he was hindering
little Yosef's progress...

"Bryna729" <bryna729@aol.com> wrote in message news:20040426211030.27526.00000454@mb-
> Hee hee, I inspired a Gastaldo post -- this is a big
> moment in my
> career!
> Be well,
> Bryna Mommy to Yosef, 3 & Temima, 1

> ...I started pushing. The first few pushes weren't bad.
> After an hour, I was getting pretty tired. Also a bit
> discouraged. But
> hopeful that I would be a mother in another half an hour
> or so. Nope. I
> to visualize his head coming down the birth canal to
> inspire me, but after
> while I didn't really believe that he was ever coming out
> and I began to
> really exhausted and hopeless. My doctor wasn't much help,
> since his idea
> encouragement was "You can push harder! Come on!" It took
> three hours
> pushing and a vacuum extraction to produce my son. I had
> hoped to avoid
> episiotomy, but once we decided to go with the vacuum, an
> episiotomy
became a
> must. By then, of course, I didn't care anymore. I just
> wanted this baby
> As the doctor handed him to the
nurse, my
> mischievous newborn grabbed the pen out of the doctor's
> pocket and
> give it back. It was so cute! His Apgars were 9/9.

>>>>END excerpt of little Yosef's birth story

Again Bryna, please make sure your sister knows that OBs are
knowingly closing birth canals - and that it is easy for her
to OPEN her birth canal the "extra" up to 30%.

Thanks for reading.



Ds. Gastaldo todd@chiromotion.com


When Jamie Clark asked:

"Is Sheila the new Todd Gastaldo?"

Naomi Rivkis replied:

"No. Unlike Todd, Sheila has *admitted* that she's crazy."

See Christina! What about the PELVIS?! http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

I replied:

"OK, I'll admit I'm crazy - if it's crazy for a doctor of
chiropractic to persistently protest MDs senselessly closing
birth canals and gruesomely manipulating most babies'
spines...This obvious spinal manipulation crime is happening
in MOST births!" http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

Naomi replied:

"It's crazy for anybody to be that persistent about
anything, Todd. http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=e...=UTF-8&oe=UTF-


It looks to me like an MD committed the obvious spinal
manipulation crime once again - and you and your baby were
the victims. (Arrgghhh.)

It looks to me like your baby was violently pushed
(oxytocin) and vacuum extracted through - a birth canal
senselessly closed up to 30%...

I'm HOPING that I am wrong...

I'm hoping that you were ACTUALLY squatting (see your text
below) - actually up OFF your tailbone/sacrum - and not
"sort of squatting"/semisitting directly ON your
tailbone/sacrum as the OB pulled your baby out by her scalp!

But I think I am right. : (

Excerpts of little Grace's birth story...




"There was almost no break by now in between very hard
contractions, and I was getting mania problems from the
trigger of pain. I literally, physically, *couldn't* stay
still. They finally put me in a rocking chair...I pushed the
rocking chair so hard, trying to work off the manic energy
that Manny had to stand behind it and make sure I didn't tip
it over...I didn't know gliders *could* tip over...I
couldn't slow down the rocking because of the mania.
Finally, somebody got across to the doctor on call from my
practice that I was a danger to myself and the baby if the
mania was not stopped. The doctor...ordered Ativan when it
became clear I wasn't just whining, I was careening off
walls. The Ativan helped with the mania; I asked for a half-
dose of Stadol, which was what I'd decided earlier would be
my first fallback if I needed pain medication...It took the
edge off fairly well and Ann and Manny helped me cope for a
somewhat surreal few more hours. Between the medications and
the focus, I wasn't too aware of time passing, especially
since there was still no break between contractions -- none
at all, at this point. They just *stayed*.

"...They told me later that I was having transition-like
contractions from about 2cm on, and they didn't know why; my
body had just gone weird that way...


"...changing position -- I couldn't change position; I never
had a moment when I wasn't hurting so much that movement was
awful. So I mostly stayed sitting on the edge of the
bed...and then after a while curled up in bed on my side.
Sometime in the middle of this my water broke on its own; I
wanted them to change the wet sheets but it took quite a
while for me to be able to face moving far enough that they
could get the things out from under me.


"After that things started getting scary. The doctor
came in on a fast call from a nurse who spotted Grace's
heart rate dropping nastily. They rolled me around into
various positions, pain or no, to try and rearrange her
into someplace that would let it come back up, and
eventually it did...


^^^internal monitors used to be corkscrews that screwed into
the baby's scalp - anyone know if this is still the case?

"...[T]hey installed an internal monitor at that point. I
didn't object; I had mostly not wanted an internal monitor
because I wanted the ability to move around during labor. I
clearly was not interested in moving around at this point,
and I was scared about the heartrate. The doctor gave me
something to pause labor for a while, believing that the
dipping heartrate, which was still in fluctuation, was
basically a result of the very hard continuous labor
stressing her out....


"[T]he doctor said...it was time to start things up again.
This was going to take PITOCIN...If I was going to have pitocin-
induced [contractions], reputed to be tougher, I wanted an
EPIDURAL...So they gave me the epidural and the
pitocin...The doctor...thought it was necessary to get
Grace out quickly. VACUUM was the least intrusive of the
possibilities for that, so she'd like to try that one
first; other possibilities were foreceps or
Caesarean...I...said I'd accept the vacuum. Let's get this
over with... [emphasis added]




"A lot of people gave me very specific instructions on
positioning to push, and it really helped. I don't just mean
big things like which way around I was -- basically
vertical, sort of squatting over the bed with its back all
the way up to support mine -- but stuff like 'arch your
tailbone back a little more.' When I got it right I *knew*
it; she started sliding very perceptibly right away
[presumably vacuum still attached to Grace's scalp, doctor
pulling - TDG], and came out in two more pushes through one

[GASTALDO REMARKS: I like this "arch your tailbone back"
advice **IF** it was meant to get Naomi off her sacrum. The
problem is - if the baby's head slides into the outlet - and
the mother let's herself down - she jams her sacral tip sudden-
like into her baby's skull. Naomi was leaning back against
the bed "with its back all the way up to support mine." If
she lifted off her sacrum, I hope she STAYED off it! I've
noted before this possible mechanism of "pingpong" skull
fractures in relation to GOOD/BAD McRoberts maneuver
application before the baby's head is out. Most of them
likely pop out spontaneously.]


"Grace wasn't breathing on her own, and she spent her first
several minutes over on the other side of the room with the
neonatologist and a few other people working over her...The
doctors thought [the baby not breathing] might have been
related to the Ativan I'd taken earlier for the mania...[O]r
it might have just been that she was exhausted by the
exceptionally stressful labor...


"Manny came briefly in from the nursery to report that she
was breathing on her own now and the neonatologist said she
was going to be just fine, that she'd just been a bit worn
out. They didn't want her held or fed for 24 hours because
she could use a while without overstimulation, but we could
visit her and touch her....We touched her and petted her and
I reassured myself that she was breathing..She was born at
11:31 AM Monday the 23rd, about 16 hours after the very
beginning of labor and 12 hours after I got to the hospital.
It probably would've been 5 hours shorter or so if they
hadn't stopped it in the middle because of the heart rate
issues. I settled down to sleep around 4:30 that afternoon."

"...It was a rough, though not long, labor, with a lot more
in the way of medical interventions than I'd hoped for, but
since they were actually necessary..."ps?selm=kuup30pvmed46cqq6bv7lems84pkt46ukp%404ax.com&oe=UTF-

One last note about Naomi's "Todd is crazy" sentiment...

Daye was glad to hear me admit I'm crazy - but - she added:

"I did learn about why you shouldn't labor on your back.
That was thanks to Todd."ps?selm=3t7t209h9fjfgc3bltas53293ts6tvbmv8%404ax.com&oe=UTF-


About four years ago, Naomi suggested I am not interested in
the welfare of babies...

See 'Nice' doesn't work/RivkisClark mistaken/Gastaldo to
'chill' on valium? http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/chiro-

My sincerest apologies to Naomi if she ended up closing her
birth canal because my style of presentation kept her from
grokking my message.

Allowing the birth canal won't solve all birth problems...

But with OBs themselves indicating that closing the birth
canal FAR LESS than 30% can KILL...

I think 100% of babies would agree: Do NOT let the OB close
the birth canal up to 30%!

I *am* interested in the welfare of babies.

I am SO relieved that the neonatologists and staff were able
to get Naomi's little Grace breathing again!

Thanks for reading everyone.


"Crazy" Todd

Dt. Gastaldo todd@chiromotion.com

PS Neonatologists successfully resuscitating little Grace
reminds me...

"10 percent [of babies]...more than four hundred thousand
babies a year...find out the hard way that some hospitals
boasting state-of-the-art facilities for delivering babies
are not so good at handling them once they've been born."
--Edward Humes in Baby ER (p. 13)

"Many hospitals market their luxurious birth
suites...neglecting to mention that they have little to
offer the one out of ten babies who ends up needing an NICU.
Those children will have to waste precious minutes or hours
being transported [to a tertiary care facility] by
ambulance...bumping through traffic instead of receiving
lifesaving care right where they were born...[M]any small
patients arrive...[in tertiary care facility NICUs]...via
ambulance from other hospitals...their parents pale and
terrified in the car behind them, unable to comprehend...why
they made the mistake of starting out at the wrong hospital
in the first place..." [Humes E. Baby ER: The Heroic Doctors
and Nurses Who Perform Medicine's Tiniest Miracles. NY:
Simon & Schuster. 2000:12-13]
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