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EvelynVogtGamble(Divamanque) wrote:
> Doc wrote:
>> Wayne Newton used to have this crystal clear tenor but
>> some time between "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast" and now,
>> something happened to
>> it. Now he sounds like Harvey Firestein without the
>> gay/Jewish twang.
>> I'm guessing he intentionally did something to
>> "masculinize" his voice, no doubt sick of being the brunt
>> of jokes for years? Unfortunately he destroyed a once
>> fine vocal instrument in the process. Kind of the
>> opposite of Michael Jackson who apparently took steps to
>> prevent his voice from maturing.
>> Anyone know any details?
> Who is "Wayne Newton"? Which opera companies has he
> sung with?


Strange enough seeing your name turn up in,
where I'm reading this. Just noted the cross-post.
But seeing your name on a post about Wayne Newton is
beyond the pale!