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> Stelvio pass is nice over umbrail, however, the famous
> stelvio climb is from prato on the eastern side which when
> coming from ofenpass I think you can reach just by
> continuing down the valley instead of turning off for
> umbrail.

Yes, definitely a more dramatic climb from the east side.
And you can get to Prato by the route you suggest; instead
of turning up the Umbrail he can head down to Maistra, cross
into Italy and take SS41 and then SP50 to Prato. I think
that direction (from Prato through Trafoi and up) is the
better ascending route, and the west side is the better
descending route; do not need to brake so much going down
that side, though it is good to have a light to see the road
surface in the tunnels.

> and yes the weather is extremely volatile in this area. I
> think this year has been quite miserable up until now.
> During my vacation I had a lot of rain and even snow.

I second that. We had to hold up for a day because of heavy
snow on Stelvio the day we were going to climb over (June
20th). We went over on June 21st and there was light rain at
lower elevations and attempts at light snow flurries at the
top - then a good dusting of snow again that night. Seems to
keep repeating. High temp at the top today was
3.8C, low was -1.1 .... and there was some light rain.
Seems to be a persistent pattern, and the storms seem to
keep coming.

- rick