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Re: Maxxis Hookworm 26" - When/Where?

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Mr Hippy

Why a fat slick?


"hippy" <NOSPAMsbirnie@NOSPAMbigpond.com> wrote in message
> Does anyone know when these tyres will
> be available in Oz and where from?
> They are a large, slick, mtb tyre.
> Most "slicks" for mtb's are also skinny, but
> I'm after something that is just as fat as a
> DH tyre (say 2.3") but without all the
> knobs!
> Thanks for any info or other suggestions,
> hippy
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Originally Posted by Neil & Jill View Post

Mr Hippy

Why a fat slick?



I know you are not asking me, but I can give my opinion and offer to share my bike with strangers:


I run at present a Bontrager Hank (fat slick, thinwall, thin tread) on the rear of my Trek Lime Lite cruiser bike.


It gives the most filtered, comfortable ride possible (because it is a slick and fat and supple).

I've used the Hank for years now. It is not puncture resistant. It is a tire for asphalt.  It looks boss and feels like love.

It does not slip on wet pavement, ever, and it is as sure-footed on sandy patches as can be.


A fat slick is not as fast as a skinny, 700C slick, no way, but it's faster by far than a tread-patterned tire,

and ever so much more cushy than a tire skinnier than a chicken's nose.


(old video...I have the Hank on the rear, only, now, as that is where my bike is most-loaded.
The Hank on front was a bit to fat for the Lime's skimpy-narrow front fork; I had rubbing issues if I inflated over 25PSI)


Look at the visual difference between a "2.25" nominal, and a "1.95" nominal, 26" tire from the same maker?

The Hank, for instance, is much taller and contains much more air-cushion, and yet, can be inflated to over sixty PSI,

it cannot pinch-flat. It laughs at bumps that could ruin the wheel or tire of a smaller tired-wheel.

I once, stupidly, rode into a concrete curb, head on, at about five or  eight-per.  The bike stopped dead-fast.
No damage at all, the wheel was not even perturbed. I had the Hank on front that day.





This old video is defective on a number of counts: I misstate a number of points.

However, it is presented here to show, visually, the difference between a regular Bontrager "Hank"

supple street slick, and the stock Bontrager "cruizer" tires, size-wise and appearance-wise.


As stated, nowadays, I am running just one Hank on my Lime, just on the rear.


PS: am doing much better these days if not stressed.  The shakes, I know now,


are due to "post traumatic stress syndrome".


It is a wonderful ride, big slick tires, even if inflated hard. They roll  easily, and feel, as said, like love.




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I did my daily store ride today, but inflated the tires way-hard, both put to over 100 PSI,

chancing blowing a tire from a rim, but not really, as KWYADAWYADI


(google that acronym)


The ride was "overly detailed" (too jiggly) for fun.


About sixty to eighty PSI, tops, front and rear, seems to be the best compromise for my particular bike and tire set-up.

I am not heavy and do not bomb off curbs anymore unless I'm not looking, and bomb -into- a curb, head-on.


Softer inflation, sure, is a bit more work to pedal.

Harder takes the sweet cushion out from under my sad-iron ass.


The bike is a fun machine, a cruiser, and a bit of exercise. Am in no hurry to go 100 miles to no-where.

I go to the store, or to see life at large, and balloon tires float my boat.

When I was young, I loved to race. Doesn't everyone? Skimpy, hard tires, then, and bend your back flat,

and enjoy concentrating, thinking about road hazards, and avoiding endos, as you contemplate the texture of asphalt

which you do not plan to kiss, if lucky.  I never kiss asphalt anymore, to do so would be rash, unless we like to marry former marl.

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fantastico, ahora sé como se hace saludos.

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by the way I recommend this page www.palac-seniora.rzeszow.pl


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I don't want a slick one but a both beautiful and practical one. Can you introduce one to me?

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