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Found this on a U.S. bike site.

Glenn .

Fastest Bike in the Shop

If it's a typical US bike shop, the answer to this question will not be a low racer recumbent.
Despite the market for ultra-fast, expensive bikes in the US, low racers are nowhere to be found.
They are essentially non existent in the vast majority of bike shops.

I'll bet you race cars to rubles that 90%+ of the fast, expensive upright bikes being sold in the US
will never be ridden in a race that would ban a low racer. We also know that low racers are quite
comfortable to ride for long distances, and that they generate a great deal of interest (from the

This whole "Grudge Match Race" idea was simply an exercise: Why are low racers overlooked
completely, when they are superior machines? I have to believe that there is a large, untapped
potential market for low racers in the US. Even if 10% of the shops in the US bought exactly 1
carbon lowracer and hung it on the wall, that would break all sales records by a long stretch. Then,
when a customer asks a salesperson "which bike is the fastest," the answer would be obvious. They
would point to the carbon lowracer on the wall, which just screams "exotic race-only."

Exotic carbon + radical design + expensive + "fastest bike" mystique = sold

Doesn't "be the first guy in your club to own one of these babies" work for low racers?