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Pain on the outside of my left knee

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Hello all,

Lately I've been experiencing pain on the outside of my left leg. I thought at first it might have been the running that I've started to do (thinking about doing a sprint tri) so I stopped that for a while. That has not changed my condition at the moment. After about 2 hours I can start to feel the pain. It really does not matter if I hammer hard or just spin, it just starts to hurt. I went to my doctor and he moved my knee every sort of direction but I experienced no pain. The only time I did was when I started to bend my knee back and then forward. I can put weight on it without issue and after a day my knee is back to normal. I've been riding steadily now for about 6 months and and put about 2000 miles. I really have not done any sort of structured training until the start of this year when I started to do some of the spinervals in hopes to be a better climber. Anyhow, I did some research and thought my changing my position might do some help but I thought I would just ask to see if anyone else had similar issues. I've also started to do some ITB specific stretching. I do know that I can't exceed 2 hours, since the first the pain happened I was into the third hour of training ride when the pain become unbearable and I still had to climb Torrey Pines to get home. I got home, but it was extremely painful afterwards. Anyhow, thanks in advance.

Ian in SanDiego

P.S. Riding in the rain today wasn't so bad, just wish the cars did spray the damn water on me and my bike
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Re: Pain on the outside of my left knee

Sounds like you have become a member of the insidious ITBFS club. Read link below...


I have been fighting it now in my left knee for ~3months. In my case my left cleat had slowly rotated over a couple of weeks after a crash. Couple that with some extra mileage and hills training and bingo...ITBFS.

This is an overuse injury which can also be onset by a variety of things most importantly poor bike fit. See a good sports dr and physio before this thing festers.
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Re: Pain on the outside of my left knee

Ive had a very similiar injury recently in the outside of my lower knee, i was told by an osteopath that it wasnt an itb problem. He put it down as an overuse injury and recommended reducing intesity or lenghth of rides, iceing it and lots of stretching before and after training, and first thing in morning and last thing at night. I now have a set stretching plan which has cleared the problem up completely in two weeks.
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Re: Pain on the outside of my left knee

Must be the cold weather! anyhow I've just posted the same link in these forums in the 'training' one about 2 mins ago...


Hope it helps!
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Re: Pain on the outside of my left knee

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Re: Pain on the outside of my left knee

Me too!

Sounds very similar. This problem haunted me for much of last year. I am not yet 100% sure of the cause but...

I have developed very tight calves and hamstrings from cycling and also circuit training( through over training and /or trying to push too hard and fast when i was patently unfit) which might - might - be pulling the knee cap out of position. After 3 hrs cycling i get a lot of pain
I saw a Physio. He didn't think it was ITB. He has given me a stretching programme for the calves and hamstrings. Last time i went out there was no problem , but i am taking it easy these days and need more time to assess.My calves and hamstreings have loosened off a little, but it is taking time.
I also noticed that during my bike ride the seat was slowly dropping lower and, as it did so, turning slightly to the right . I got a new seat stay holder which has stopped this happening .
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Re: Pain on the outside of my left knee

There have been many discussions on various message boards regarding knee pain. Thought I would provide a summary of what I found and what worked for me.

Being a member of the human race, a solution to all is difficult (e.g. one size does not fit all).

A little about me. I am 54 years old and own a recumbent trike, a Catrike Road.

I experienced knee pain with my DF, but is more profound with my new Catrike this year.

I spent exorbitant monies on a SRAM 81 speed and rotor cranks on my Catrike. Knee pain is still there, but much less.

Just bought knee savers for $46.00 and pain is again less. There are three sizes. I bought the 30mm (biggest size) only cause I am 6'4" tall and everything should be bigger to fit? They essentially move your foot/leg further away from the pedal. Details are at www.kneesaver.net/

Another less expensive solution is increasing your RPMs, cadence, higher number of revolutions. This is often called spinning at a higher rate or from a "masher" to more of a spinner. The easier exertion on the knee, the better. I use this process.

Those who ride with shoes with cleats profess if cleats are all the way to back of shoe, then knee pain is less. I did this also.

Buy good shoes and pedals. Seek medical advice if no improvements.

Another inexpensive way is have a professional fit you to your bike. And, stretching prior to and after riding is an excellent way of reducing and preventing knee pain. Stretch calves, quads and hamstrings and flex and rotate your knees before you get on your bike.... every time. Leg weight training; leg presses, extensions and hamstring work on the circuit machines can be very tough on knees. Plenty of stretching and some core exercise (without weights) should help the glutes and lower back, but you have to go slow and not overdo these either.

Doctor says is attributed to growth and told me to take some supplements that lubricate the joints and supposedly help them heal. The supplement was chondroitin+glucosamine with hyaluronic acid.

There are probably many ideas to solve knee pain as there are riders.

Recommend you start with the least expensive and move up from there.

Catrike Road #116.

"Cats just don't feel safe on a moving bicycle, no matter how much duct tape you use"--Author unknown
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