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Re: Where are you from,what do you do?

Hey! Im Cori I am 16years of age and i ride my unicycle everywhere! its my baby! i have 2 for sale rite now and a new unicycle acessery im working on! if your intrested message me!
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Re: Where are you from,what do you do?

Originally Posted by Lycra Man View Post
Watch your step around the ones from New Zealand and its western territory, Australia: they bathe infrequently and have atrocious table manners.

Alienator - that's a bit uncalled for. Is Xenophobe your middle name?

No, it's not, but that's a cool sounding name. I'll head off to the courts tomorrow to see about getting that legal name change.

So, the table manners quip didn't clue you in to the lack of seriousness contained in the post? Or maybe you missed the less than surreptitious unification of New Zealand and Australia.......
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Reykjavik, Iceland

Greetings everyone.

My name is Solver and I’m born and bread mostly in Reykjavik. Been an active member of the Icelandic Mountain Bike Club — (a family oriented touring club) — since late last century. When I was a kid I was advised by my allergist/pulmonologist to really tend to my sport of choice throughout my life and never ever start to smoke …otherwise I would have a life long asthmatic bother.¹ So I just tended to my cycling interest and have kept at it as a commuting and touring preference ever since.

My latest gadget is a Respro-mask to filter out extremely fine volcanic dust spewed out earlier this year by my gran’s glacier Eyjafjallajökull.

Came across this forum while infoing up on bike couriers and their gadgets. Most interesting to me, currently, is the radio-equipment messengers carry and frequency use and their radio etiquette.

¹ Could be pegged as an anti-sportist here in Iceland since ‘sports’ in Iceland really mean football/soccer, and ‘other sports’ mean “sports with balls other then football/soccer”.
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Do you happen to have Bjork's address and phone number?  There are some things I'd like to discuss with her.

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You have to laugh because Lycra Man comes from a country that doesn't even have proper bathrooms by Australian standards!

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I had been in cycling 30 year back. Had a Bianche Olympic which was a very light bike for its time. Wish I had it now.


 One good place for bike is bikesdirect.com. They have a lot of good bikes. I've had a Motobecame 600DS for a number of years, to ride with my son off road, and I am currently riding it on the streets and bike paths to get back in shape.


I plan on getting a Motobecame Vent Noir for my road bike shortly. It compares well with many name brand bikes with running gear that will stand up to most any very good bikes.


Enjoy your cycling.



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Definitely will. I don't really know very many people here. Just my family and my girlfriend lol.


Originally Posted by Serious Chris View Post

Originally Posted by ryanmmacoustic View Post
Hey everyone,

My name is Ryan. I'm 23 and I recently moved from Dallas, TX to Loveland CO.
I moved up here to be closer to family and finish up school.
I have a 2 year old Pitbull named max, he is a special needs dog(100% deaf in his right ear and 95% deaf in his left ear).
I recently acquired a 1988 Miyata Seven Twelve that I ride at least 5 times a week.
I ride 3 fifteen mile rides per week and 2 twenty five mile rides per week.
Looking forward to meeting some people in this little corner ofthe interweb.
Hey, man welcome to/back to Colorado. I'm in the Denver area so shoot me a PM if you're gonna be in the area biking. or just hanging out.
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I'm from Leeds UK, I work in engineering during the day, in my real life though I write a blog called Defensive Cycling and run an online art shop. I've been cycling for over 30 years and still love it.

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Nice to meet ya!  I just checked out your blog - very cool

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I’m originally from England, but I have lived in the South of France for over 30 years. I travel by sea quite a lot and manage to take a bike with me. Used to take a mountain bike but now I have a road bike with me in Venice.

Will be doing the Roc d Azure mountain bike thing in France next month but could only get an inscription for the rando on the Thursday.

I have never really raced, I’m more long distance diesel stuff. Like to do 150 to 200 Km rides from Venice as you ride a lot of flat to get to the mountains. Near Nice it starts climbing strait away.

Think the worse ride last year was from the port of Naples up Mt Vesuvio and back, the pave was worse than Roubaix.

As for the great unwashed, there will always be an England. Must be some reason why I left Maggi 70s whatever. But you colonials should be happy with all the beer and Galah watching.

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Noticed your "where are you from... " post.... I am getting ready to have a hernia repaired in my belly button.... Hadn't even thought about it while cycling or its effect on my cycling. Tell me where your hernia was, how severe, and the time to recover.


I'm cycling again to get in shape and forgot how much I like it.


Thank you for you time, and information.




Plano, TX

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Hi, I'm from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I am a realtor and have several golf businesses. I also have a business, ProBikeTape, that supplies

protective tapes for bikes. I ride my TREK mountain bike mostly around the neighborhood for exercise and enjoyment.

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Hey all I live in Rock land county NY ( 30 miles north of the city) and work in NYC as a city bus driver for NYC transit. I just lost 110 lb and decided to take up biking I've been riding a motorcycle my whole adult life so i figured I'll give it a shot without the motor. I picked up a trek 7.2fx today at bicycle habitat in NYC and rode it all the way uptown so far so good.........

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Hi Biker90 and congratulations on losing that weight!  Serious bicycling will help you keep it off.  When I was in my 40's and hitting the singletracks around here frequently and intensely I couldn't seem to eat enough to put weight on. Also did Slickrock Trail in Moab, UT a couple of times.  Now I'm 65 and although I still ride a Mt. bike I ride mostly tame trails, bike paths and streets.  My current ride is a Trek, the bottom of the Fuel EX line (EX5).


Bicycling does not exclude the MC either. I still enjoy getting out and riding the H-D Road King west out into Utah or south and east of here for some awesome Rocky Mountain highways.  Also have a '63 FL Panhead if you are familiar with older rides but it doesn't get out of town much (parts keep vibrating loose as expected on a Pan)




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Hey guys!


My name is Colin and I'm a ginger. I'm from CT but currently go to college in NH to study aeronautical engineering. I've been riding all my life recreationally (my family is pretty big into it), but recently was put in a position where I'm now the rider for a competition for my senior design project. I got serious about diet and training, and that's when I discovered the true beauty of cycling. Haven't looked back since. Pleasure to be here (though mostly lurking so that I can learn).

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