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Re: music while you ride

Well i usually go for rock
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Re: music while you ride

I usualy listen to Emery

Great band good to bike to .
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Re: music while you ride

i love music, i have 4 mp3 players, but i enjoy cycling more without the music for the same reasons others mentioned here
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Originally Posted by TRiM View Post
Yeah, I was wondering the same thing not so long ago. I know they're a couple of rock songs that get me going and some Chemical Brothers beats. If anyone has some music titles they would like to share, PLEASE POST!
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I Wonder What Kind of ear plugs you guys use.

I Have the problem, thats the wind is interfering with my music listening so I Have problem to hear the music. I Have to put the volume on max level on my MP3 player to hear the music.

I Have Seen That You Can buy helmets with wind blockers, but i can not find the place to buy Them.

/ Thanks and Regards
/ Puckosmucko
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I have a very nice paved bike path that stretches for about 108 miles where I live. It is a very conveinient stretch and i always take my music with me when i ride.


I listen to all kinds of music really. If someone asks me what music I like I tell them that there is alot and if I told them anything I'd be just making stuff up. :D

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Well, i love listening to music very much, no matter what i am doing, i just want to do it!

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yas i m listening song, i have mp3

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I listen to alot of hardcore rock [Black Dahlia Murder, etc.] and sometimes rap/hip hop [Ludacris, Usher, etc]. Polar opposite but if they're motivating it's for me.


lately I have been enjoying Jazz and even classical...boring, eh?



I always make sure to have one bud in and one out. Usually keeping the ear towards the road open.

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I highly recommend speakers. I found after one ride that not being able to notice what was going on around me isn't worth the risk (I ended up not using music).  Now when I want music I take my Ipod speakers.  I can turn it up and still hear whats going on around me. This of course is only when I am alone, if I'm with a group no music.

Now the important part.  I'm all about the techno/trance when riding.  Tiesto, ATB, Armin Van Buren, Paul Van Dyke, Fido X, Darude, Daft Punk,....etc.

Depending on my ride I listen to different tracks.  For steady states I tend to listen to the "In search of Sunrise" mixes from Tiesto.  For really hard rides I listen to techno rave type music and power when the song goes; after two hours of that I can barely get back to my apartment.  Today I actually went with Armin Van Buren's album "Imagine" but that was indoors on rollers.

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the differences between vehicles and bikes is 1) mirrors give vehicles a large field of view, and the ability to see behind them easily, 2) drivers sometimes don't see another vehicle until the last second...bikes are smaller and less visible that vehicles. I'm sure our experiences would only prove that we are often not seen. 3) blasting music while driving is also dangerous.

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I can agree in some conditions if you are really addicted of music.But the concentration must be on your cycling specially if you are doing this for training and work out purposes.

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Originally Posted by Jacob24 View Post

I just have one speaker in on the side of my head not facing the road, I can listen and hear traffic.

In my TransAmerica tour while crossing Kansas I was in headwinds and cross winds making about 5 mph for several days. To take my mind off the fact I was on the flattest of flat and going nowhere, I started listening to to the audio books. I bought a single ear bud. I wore a cap that blocked the sound of the wind from the earbud. I found that I could still hear the cars and trucks just as far away as if I were not listening to anything. One day without wind I listened to finish up a book, and found I could hear the vehicles when they were over a mile behind me. I think wearing two headphones in your ear would be a bit crazy. In Kansas the sight lines are really long so people can see me, and I can see them using my mirror (never ride without one) so it did not feel unsafe. 


I found the books were not very distracting. I had pretty much no recall of anything that was said because I was putting much more concentration into all the aspects of riding. But they did distract me enough that the frustration with struggling to get 35 miles per day was not as much.


I also listened to audio books while on the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O. Since that is a bike path and I didn't have to worry about cars, I got a lot more out of the books, and could remember parts.

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Your tests don't seem like they were really objective. After all, a human being isn't a very good sensor, and as a sensor a human is vulnerable to all manor of bias from other factors: fatigue, hydration, mental state, state of rest,.......... Also, it's not solely a matter of hearing the traffic coming, it's a matter also of the decrease in attention caused by the mental engagement of the listener with whatever is playing in their ears. There is a very good reason why riding with headphones or ear pieces is illegal in a number of states, and that reason is that the results of objective tests don't back up the results from your tests and the beliefs of some riders.

It's time to get off the bike if someone doesn't have the attention span to ride a bike without listening to music.
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i listen to music only when jogging. usually hiphop, which gets me moving. i prefer cycling without music because of the traffic around me.

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I listen to hard rock. It really gets you goingbiggrin.gif

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