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Hi, i have a question for you who know this, i am going to buy a Trek 5500 bike at local from a guy. The price is around $2000. It looks everything is good with the dura ace, ksyrium sl wheelsets, and carbon fiber frame. But my concern is that the age of this bike. I can't find any information about this model on the Trek website because they have discontinued this model. the seller He said it's a 2003 bike, but when i do a little research on the internet, most of 5500 bikes are made before year of 2001. was there really a 5500 bike made after year of 2003? And is there any way that i can find it out on the bike for this? Let me know, thanks.

The seller replied me an email like this:

Okay, Okay. To all of you who have responded to my ad, you must know that I'm computer illiterate. I'll try and get my daughter to help me get some pics, but I can't promise. I can, however, describe the bike...
It's black, with silver accents. It's not painted, so the carbon fiber shows through the shine- its really nice looking. If you know enough to respond to the ad, then you know how good dura ace is, and you know what mavic ksyrium sl wheelsets look like ( just the wheel set is $900 ). I've had the bike for just over a year, and I want to upgrade for road races. It has one pit in the finish, which you can easily find if you know it's there. It's an awesome bike. If you have questions, you can call me.
Meanwhile, I'll try and get some pics up soon. Rick