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Thank you from Kimberlee (Jim Price's daughter)

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My family and I would like to thank each of you from the various forums he posted on for sharing your thoughts and experiences with him and condolences as well. My dad was a rather prolific poster it appears. I have read that on one forum he only started 3 threads, but had thousands of posts. I guess he wanted to share his knowledge (or attempts at being witty, however twisted or crass it was). I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about all the forums he posted on (or at least the ones I have discovered thus far). I appreciate those who have kept up with the news stories and sharing the info on this story as it has become available. Once things settle down a bit, I will respond to the individual e-mails I have received. I will also update as more information becomes available to us.
We have been contacted by Good Morning America, however they have not let us know when and if they will air the story.

Those in the Denver area have asked about funeral arrangements and when a service would be scheduled for. My dad's wishes were to be cremated and to not have a service...we are supporting those wishes. He had a love for the outdoors that extended beyond cycling and included hunting and camping as well. His hunting partner as agreed to take some of the ashes up to the spot they went for 25 years. And we are going to take the rest up the camping spot he took my sister and I as kids, I just hope I can make the hike, he never did the easy trails.

Here is the list of forums that I know he posted on and the screen name he used...

BikeForums.net aka sydney
Bicycling.com aka Biker Billy
Cyclingforums.com aka bourdreaux
RoadBikeReview.com aka Rusty Coggs
Serotta.com/forum aka bubba
Cyclingforum.com aka bubba

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and opinions about my dad, words alone cannot express what it has meant to me to see this side of my dad. Please do not feel the need to respond to this thread I just wanted to make sure the forums all got the same information.

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Re: Thank you from Kimberlee (Jim Price's daughter)

On behalf of all of us here at Cyclingforums.com, I wish to extend on behalf of all our members and posters, our sincere condolences to the Price family on the untimely passing of their husband, father, cyclist.

Jim posted many informed and helpful posts to a lot of members and visitors to our site, concerning equipment and techical specifications for all types of bikes.
His advice was at all times welcome and I for one welcomed his contribution to this site and I considered his contributions to be helpful and informative.

His contributions to the site will be sorely missed.

Once again, I express our deepest condolences for your sad loss.

May Jim Rest in Peace.
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Re: Thank you from Kimberlee (Jim Price's daughter)

sydney/boudreaux had helped me many times on my posts on both cyclingforums and bikeforums. His keen knowledge of the bicycle will sorely be missed. My sincerest wishes go out to the Price family, and I hope his spirit lives on in the cycling community.
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Re: Thank you from Kimberlee (Jim Price's daughter)

It's odd that we can have such an emotional attachment to people we only know through internet message boards. Almost none of us knew anything about Boudreaux's personal life but he was certainly a character and a knowledgeable rider and I always thought of him as a righteous guy who'd make a good friend.

Thanks for posting Kimberlee. My parents live in Highlands Ranch. I wish I could be there to add something to the roadside memorial.
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Re: Thank you from Kimberlee (Jim Price's daughter)

I heard the terrible news this morning that we lost another one of ours, Jim Price, in yet another cyclist/automobile accident. Obviously it always saddens me when I hear news like this. I didn't know until I read this thread that Jim Price was our beloved boudreaux. Like most of us here I didn't know boudreaux personally but it was like a kick in the stomach when I read that boudreaux was Jim Price. I'm so sorry to hear this. His knowledge and wit will be greatly missed here and I'm sure on the other forums he frequented as well. My deepest sympathy goes out to you and the rest of your family Kimberlee. Your father will defintiely be missed.
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Re: Thank you from Kimberlee (Jim Price's daughter)

Kimberlee - can you tell us what they did to the driver? I think you would know what happened best. Did you try to sue him?

I think the driver should get more than a misdemeanor and 1 year in prison.
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