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Hi all.

Found this forum through a Google search. I am looking for news of the replacement for the Trek 7400, which uses a 7 speed hub gear system. The review I linked to above says:

In August, Shimano launched a new eight-speed hub, the Nexus 8R and the new models of this Trek bike will have these fitted.

Shimano have developed and produced an eight-gear inner hub that will be available in a standard version and in a sport version. Both are designed to work with Shimano STI shifters and make the whole mechanism a super easy, comfortable and reliable combination.

The eight-speed offers an extra gear over the present model and increases the range from 244 per cent to 306 per cent with equal gear steps that Shimano say will offer smoother shifting, even under load.

The Nexus 8R Sport version is an 8R Nexus hub equipped with STI shifters to suit more sport oriented bikes. It will be around 200 grams lighter and it will have less friction/drag in rotation and a quicker engagement of the gear due to the high quality of the bearings.

Both hubs are weatherproofed due to the perfect lip seal and fitted with five times more durable sealings than the ones used in the seven-speed version. This will be a great improvement in the medium to long term for those who have to face bad weather conditions.
When is this coming into a Trek 7400 (or its replacement)? Does anyone know? Are there any other hub gear bikes with this new 8 speed hub in? Are there any better hub gear bikes than the Trek 7400?

Thanks a lot