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"Edward Dolan" <> wrote in message
> "Jeff Strickland" <> wrote in message
>> Ed,
>> You weren't paying attention. I told you that I am not a mountain biker.
>> I'm all over the part about being a sinner, but that should have no
>> bearing on the discussion. The environment is the environment. Mountain
>> biking is not a threat to the environment. Superhighways, homes, mini
>> malls, development. These are threats to the environment. Recreation is
>> not a threat.

> Mountain biking on my sacred footpaths is a threat to my peace of mind.
> That is reason enough to ban it.
> But I certainly do agree with you that there are many more dire threats to
> the environment than any kind of recreation. We are essentially arguing
> over how many angels will fit on the end of a needle.

Yes, and since the topic is the environment and not your personal space,
then we should stick to the facts and avoid emotional explosions.