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Cracked Zipp 404

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Ok, I am incredibly pissed off. I'm an U19 Cyclist who just bought Late 2003 Zipp 404s (Tubulars) off TradeMe (New Zealand version of EBAY) for NZD $800. On my first ride on them I get a huge piece of glass stuck in them which results in a huge pop and the tyre deflates instantly and I'm riding on rims. Being my first experience with Tubular wheels I take the wheels to my LBS to get the wheels all fixed up and they tell me it has a very large hairline crack running for about 4cm along the inside of rim and around a 1cm crack on the outside.


What I was wondering is if anyone would actually bother taking it to a guy to Fix the wheel? and if anyone has had a similar sort of issue and also got theirs fixed. Also if it would be a completely stupid idea to try and ride on them again without getting them fixed.
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Re: Cracked Zipp 404

Coming in a little late, but the old rule of thumb of never use anything that you can't afford to replace stands true.

Flying down a hill at 60+kph on a set of defective equpiment is just not smart.
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Re: Cracked Zipp 404

Could be they were defective when you bought them that is why orig owner sold them over the internet.

With the description of the defect I dont think it can fixed to the point that they will be as durable. But for the sake of fixing them I would wrap a weave of Drizord fabric laterally around the rim area where the crack is using epoxy to glue it on... not pretty though.

One thing about Zipps, they're constructed in several pieces and then glued together to form the hoop. That to me makes them not as strong as a single strand/hoop of CF like for example the Reynolds wheels.
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Re: Cracked Zipp 404

Sorry to hear about your rim, that's a real bummer. Carbon fiber rims, such as Zipp (weapons for speed), are usually made up of differential sheets of carbon fiber and sometimes laminated with kevlar. Problem is...after the layup process, the wheel is usally baked under pressure and heat to form it, cure the epoxy and harden it. It would be very difficult for you to repair this yourself. Best bet is to send it to Zipp for repair. They will either be able to repair it or should offer to replace it for a nominal charge.

I agree with "reynolds", the wheel was probably broken before you bought them, a simple flat should not have done that.

If Zipp can't or won't help you, ADA in Dronten, Holland makes carbon fiber/kevlar wheels and the owner offers to repair or replace his wheels for a nominal charge if damaged. If Zipp says no way, why not email Cees Beers owner of ADA: ada@prorider.org and ask him for advice.
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