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Alternative bar-end shifter positions

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Anyone out there mounted barcon's using alternative means?

For example, using hose clamps to mount anywhere along a handlebar?

The shifters at the end of my drops get in the way of my knee's sometimes. I'd like to mount the shifters more forward somehow.

So I am thinking of using two horse clamps together, one tightened around the handlebar, the other one looped through that clamp, then tightened onto the piece of the shifter that is meant to go inside the bar end. This way I could perhaps mount them right under the brake hoods, and make them stick upwards on the inside, potentially being able to thumb-shift when I'm using hoods.

Another option is to cut down the handlebars (so the drops end earlier, furthur forward) and keep the barcon's inside the barends like usual. This would push the shifters forward and help clear them from being hit. I don't mind this so much because I don't ride drops so much.

Anyone else done similar stuff?

I was looking at getting bullhorn bars like Profile Design Stoker, but I think some hose clamps right under the brake hoods may be better?
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Re: Alternative bar-end shifter positions

Whereas your proposed solutions will likely work, they will look pretty inelegant. There is a product called the Kelly Take-off that you can use to mount shifters just inboard of your brake levers. They are designed for mounting down-tube shifters, but bar-ends will probably work (or at least Shimano indexed bar-cons will). Alternatively, you could consider using Paul's thumbie mounts to mount the shifters on the tops of the bars.


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