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I have now replaced the two bearing and I am still getting a noise, I suspect it is the freehub causing a problem. Does anybody know how to service or replace this part and what tools are required, as I am totally in the dark here and can't get any information on the web.
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Sadly I don't know how to change free wheel hub, my wheels are still going strong.  Sold the Halfords bike with white rim, now have a Montague SAS Bike, with black mags, have done around 3000miles on them inculding London - Brighton and some other smaller charity bike ride, all is great.  They are actually quite fast, good for going uphills as well.  


Anyone else out there with these rims, anyone fancy doing a bike ride like the London - Brighton would look heavy to see 4, 5 or more of these wiz past.

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Hey bigjohn. did you ever get these serviced to be noise free? i'm having the same problem with mine and want to know before i shell out myself. i have had a stab at repairing but the noise remains. im starting to wonder if its actually the welds that are creaking.

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i have gone through 3 of these wheels in 3 months and asked for my money back (not a whisper!).  im convinced these wheels are dodgy and should not be trusted. i am giving mine away to the first non weirdo on gumtree. sure they look cool, and yes they do maintain frightning momentum, but they are heavy, badly made (bobbly paint job is actually bobbly aluminium underneath!) and the returns period should tell you something. 1 month isnt enough time to know if these will fail on you.


dont touch them with a barge poll and save your earth money. there are much cooler looking and lighter, not to mention trustworthy, mage on the market.


You've been warned.

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Hi Guys! My name's James and I'm from the Spinal Injuries Association. We're holding a fundraising bike ride from London to Surrey on 4th Aug 2013. If anyone's interested there are still spaces available. Just head on over to http://www.spinal.co.uk/page/ride-london-100 or call 0845 678 6633. Thanks:-)

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believe it or not it handles differently with these wheels, i love em!

2012 diamondback recoil.

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Hi, I'm from Brazil and found this thread on internet. I happens that I have this wheel with this freaking noise. I had another one from the chinese and noise is there again. Its a very bad quality wheel ans the rim cracks. Its beautiful but saddly don't worth the money.
image.jpg 263k .jpg file
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3 SPOKES CARBON WHEEL .I think is better than that...


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hi ,

 i just started a new thread on this creaking  rim issue, that might save you some time and  $$ .

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not really jimmy..... carbon wheels can't handle the trails where we ride.

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I have found a UK stockist on ebay. Ordered 2 pairs of him, one Black, 1 White got them within 2 days. On ebay search for 26 mountain bike mag wheel.

Went for a 10 mile ride on them to test them, they feel great, don't actually feel heavier than my normal alloy rims, jumped of a few pavements done some wheelies, all seems well. When the weather clears up, I will take some pictures, my 21 speed Halfords bikes are not quite as nice as the one above, but the wheels do make them look likle their worth a lot more, the White wheels especially turned a few heads.

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Hi there I'm new around here! Just wanted to get some advice.... My issue is I have a set of these teny mags on my Carreras subway and I have a broken rear axle, but that's not the issue! I been searching high and low for a replacement but can't find anywhere on the net. Does anyone know if there is a stockist I could order from? Or is it just a particular size I need? Any advice welcome, thanks!
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