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I know I'm a bit behind the eightball but DH was sick right after
Thanksgiving... (not it wasn't food-poisoning! lol) So I didn't get
around to uploading...

We're both trying to eat healthy and lose weight, so I made us a
healthy thanksgiving feast. Roasted turkey breast, homemade cranberry
sauce, roasted vegetable medley (potato, sweet potato, beet, carrot,
yellow squash, and onion), herb bread made with fresh herbs, and
made-from-scratch can-free green bean casserole (thanks for the idea
Alton Brown!). On the far right is our dessert - low-fat pumpkin pie,
and pumpkinbread (which sadly looked much better than it tasted - I
over-improvised the recipe and it came out like a soggy brick!)
and work backwards through the album.