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Bob, you're not even as big as a wallaby.


So, I'm small?


You wouldn't even fit in its pouch.


So, I'm too large to fit inside? You seem to be confused. Again. Probably a permanent state of mind for you.


PS...a didgeridoo is a musical instrument.


It sure is. And a didgeridoo-doo is a musical instrument converted into an RPG. Perfect for self-defense against your fellow drunk and disoriented countrymen.


Go find a nice little heifer with a pretty face.




Now, back to steevo's edjumacation.



How cyclists treat each other: a nice video of one fat Crappy Islander assaulting another. Priceless, but needed more pistol fire and Darwin Award winners.






The man's identity remains unknown

By 3 News online staff

A man has allegedly been assaulted by a fellow cyclist on Christchurch’s Port Hills.

Keen mountain-biker Jordan, who goes by the online alias jb_, filmed the incident on a helmet-mounted videocameran and posted the attack on website Reddit.com last night.

He says he was riding the popular Flying Nun trail above Christchurch when he came across a slower rider, and asked the man to move aside.

An extended video of the ride shows the man telling Jordan he was ok to pass, but refusing to make space for him.

“Trail etiquette says you pull over to let faster riders by. I was polite at first, but then got less polite as he refused to stop, but I certainly wasn't asking to be attacked. I never swore or abused him, just basically said he was inconsiderate,” he says.

After confronting him, the man swiftly turned violent, Jordan claims.

“He tried to strangle me with my helmet while he was trying to steal my camera, and when I started yelling for help he put his hand over my nose and mouth. It was like he'd done it before. I was getting pretty fearful for my life by that stage so I did the only thing I could do without letting go of the camera, bit down on his finger,” he says.

Jordan says he has shown police the video and made a statement to them about the incident. He is hopeful the assailant will be identified and brought to justice.

3 News

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/VIDEO-Cyclist-assaulted-in-Christchurch/tabid/423/articleID/249739/Default.aspx#ixzz1t32idpyR



In NZ, they bite fingers.

In America, grandma shoots your stupid, assaulting ass DEAD RIGHT THERE.

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Here's how a real grandma handles a pair of ghetto thuglife thieves...take note, steevo. There will be a pop quiz on Monday.


‘I carry a gun all the time’ says woman who thwarted Macon holdup attempt
By PHILLIP RAMATI — pramati@macon.com
Posted: 5:10pm on Apr 23, 2012; Modified: 4:32pm on Apr 24, 2012

Read more here: http://www.macon.com/2012/04/23/2000577/i-carry-a-gun-all-the-time-says.html#storylink=cpy




WOODY MARSHALL/wmarshall@macon.comLulu Campbell stands beside her bullet-riddled Toyota Tundra truck Monday. She was driving this truck when two men attempted to rob her Saturday night in Macon. The two men shot at her and she returned fire, hitting one of the robbers. WOODY MARSHALL — wmarshall@macon.com

Read more here: http://www.macon.com/2012/04/23/2000577/i-carry-a-gun-all-the-time-says.html#storylink=cpy


Looking at Lulu Campbell’s bullet-riddled silver Toyota Tundra, common sense says the 57-year-old grandmother should be dead.
It’s impossible to tell how many bullets were fired at 2 a.m. Saturday morning on English Avenue, but what started as an armed robbery attempt turned into a full-blown firefight.
There are eight bullet holes in the Tundra’s hood, another in the front grill, and both front-seat side windows have been shot out. There’s also a single bullet hole through the front windshield, when Campbell shot back at one of the assailants. At least four of the bullets that penetrated the hood left secondary holes in the metal that’s right behind the driver’s dashboard. One of those shots took out the vehicle’s power brakes.
Campbell said she felt at least one of the bullets fired through the passenger’s side window pass right in front of her chest. There’s still broken shards of glass on the seats, on the floor and on the running boards.
Campbell looked inside the cab of the truck and wondered aloud how she could have possibly survived the encounter.
Logically, she shouldn’t have.
But logic gave way to fate or simple blind luck that night. Campbell has her own belief: God himself and the spirit of her late son were watching over her.
Fight and flight
Campbell, a Warner Robins resident, was leaving the Shell service station she owns on Riverside Drive at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday to take her 15-year-old grandson home.
As she pulled into her daughter’s driveway on English Avenue, her grandson went inside. As an afterthought, Campbell said, she wanted to call him to make certain the house was secure.
“I wanted to call him and check (that) the house is regular,” said Campbell, her Filipino accent thick even after living the past 40 years in the United States. “I was looking for my phone.”
Campbell said she couldn’t find it, got out and checked the truck’s backseat to look for it in her purse. As she searched, she said she heard a voice in her head whisper to her to get into the front seat and lock the door. She immediately did, and she said that likely saved her life.
Seconds later, two men carrying guns approached her. One of them, later identified by police as Brenton Lance Spencer, 32, started to shout at her through the front passenger door to open the vehicle up and give him her money. The other, whom Macon police have identified as Dantre Horatio Shivers, 30, stood in front of the truck, also pointing a gun.
“(Spencer) shouted, ‘Give me the f------ money and open the f------ door!’ ” Campbell said. “I said, ‘Oh my God, somebody is going to rob me.’ I said, ‘Baby, you’re going to kill me anyway, so I don’t have to open it!’ ”
Campbell said she reached for her .38-caliber revolver just as Spencer allegedly fired at her. She felt Spencer’s bullet whiz by her chest as she fired back. Her shot hit Spencer in the chest.
“I hurt my back (pushing the seat back to avoid the shot),” she said. “I saw the guy in front of me, and I said, ‘Oh my God, there are two of them.’ I said I’m going to take one of them with me. That’s what was in my head.”
At that point, according to Campbell and the police report, Shivers allegedly started shooting at her. As she ducked, she said she fired wildly in front of the truck, forcing the second gunman to flee. Campbell said she didn’t consciously realize that she fired at Shivers until police later told her she did.
“They told me I was aiming the wrong way, that I was shooting upwards,” she said.
At that point, Campbell said she didn’t want to leave the safety of her truck and risk trying to make a run for the house. She drove the truck out of the driveway.
“I thought that the only way to protect myself was to run him down,” she said. “Otherwise, he would have gotten away.”
Campbell eventually was able to reach a 911 operator, and she was instructed to pull into the fire station on Pio Nono Avenue so that police officers could catch up to her.
After police released photographs of the two suspects, Campbell recognized them as regular customers at one of her stores.
When she reflects on the experience, she thinks the voice in her head that told her to get her purse and get into the front seat was that of her son, Wesley, a military intelligence officer stationed in Homestead, Fla., who died last month at age 35. Campbell said she still hasn’t heard a full explanation of how he died. Apparently, he fell or lost his balance and sustained a fatal injury.
Campbell said she owns several guns of all calibers, and given that she owns 13 convenience stores in Macon, Fort Valley and Columbus, she always keeps one on her hip and one in her car. Each store also has at least one gun.
When she talked to The Telegraph on Monday, the 4-foot-11-inch Campbell answered the door holding a .357-caliber revolver.
“I’m very nervous,” she said. “I carry a gun all the time.”
Spencer was still in custody Monday at The Medical Center of Central Georgia under 24-hour guard. He has been charged with aggravated assault and attempted armed robbery. Police spokeswoman Jami Gaudet said she legally can’t divulge Spencer’s condition but said he will be taken to the Bibb County jail as soon as he is released from the hospital.
Police were still seeking Shivers as of late Monday afternoon. Anyone with information is asked to call Macon police at (478) 751-7500 or Macon Regional CrimeStoppers at (877) 68-CRIME.
It’s not the first time Campbell has shot at someone.
She said her late ex-husband was a police officer and taught her how to shoot. She said that in her native Philippines, only men carry guns.
A few years ago, she almost was robbed while in Roberta.
“My husband was a cop and my son was in military intelligence. They trained me how to shoot guns,” she said. But somehow she missed that would-be robber.
Sometimes she didn’t miss. Some 35 years ago, she shot her husband and his mistress after catching them together.
However, no charges were filed against her.
“After that, my husband said ‘I wish I didn’t teach you how to shoot!’ ” she said.
Campbell said she is very religious and donates nearly all the profits from her businesses to various charities, including the Fraternal Order of Police, cancer research and Haiti relief. She said she believes that’s why God spared her during Saturday morning’s shooting.
“I said they can’t rob me of anything. It all goes to (charities),” she said.
Despite her experience, she said she hopes Spencer doesn’t die from his wound, but instead goes to prison. She said she doesn’t want Spencer’s mother to experience what Campbell has had to experience with the loss of her own son.
“I pray for him to be alive, because it really hurts to lose a child,” she said.
To contact writer Phillip Ramati, call 744-4334.

Read more here: http://www.macon.com/2012/04/23/2000577/i-carry-a-gun-all-the-time-says.html#storylink=cpy


one of da ghetto perps:




They other one couldn't make da line up fo' da pikshures. He's still figuring out if he's going to bleed to death or stay chained to his hospital bed in pain.


The world is a dangerous place. Please help grandma make it a safer place for all of us...buy a firearm and learn how to use it safely and legally.


Grandma did...and you can too.

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Now...back to reports of more cyclists that never, ever get assaulted...just doesn't ever happen.


These reports are all ficticious. Lies! Put out by the firearm lobby to scare the pussies and sell more guns. Just more, miserable lies!




Cyclist attacked by five males

  • FIVE men have attacked a man who was riding a bike along a street in southeast Queensland.

The 39-year-old was riding along Pine Street, North Ipswich about 9.20pm (AEST) yesterday when the men assaulted him, police said.

A 17-year-old boy, two 19-year-old men and two 22-year-old men have been charged with one count of assault occasioning bodily harm whilst in company and will appear in Ipswich Magistrates Court on October 11.




5 on 1?

Bodily harm?


Sounds like a perfect opportuninty to assist Darwin and send a few more morons across the River Styx.


Oh, those peace-loving Australians...or was that Foster's?


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steevo...dial that number at the bottom of the article. Tell the nice man that answers the phone that you've given up on assaulting old ladies (too tough!) and moved on to mental defectives.




Cyclist assaulted on NSW central coast

Posted August 01, 2011 10:17:39


Police are calling for witnesses after a man was critically injured while cycling on the New South Wales central coast yesterday.

The 46-year-old victim was found lying on Barrenjoey Road at Ettalong Beach just after 2:30pm (AEST).

Police say he had been riding a bicycle, and they believe he was assaulted in a nearby street about 90 minutes before being found.

The man has a mental impairment.

He was taken to Gosford Hospital with head injuries, and then transferred to Sydney's Royal North Shore Hospital.

Police say anyone with information should contact Gosford Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


More peace-loving australian men at work.






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Well...all except for those pesky criminals.


They don't follow laws.


That's why they are criminals.




Cyclist dies after 'unprovoked' machete attack

Last updated at 08:05 17 August 2005


Police are today stepping up the hunt for a knifeman who stabbed a cyclist to death in an apparently random attack near a busy shopping centre.

The 39-year-old victim was stabbed with what is believed to be an 18in machete after being approached from behind.

The incident happened outside McDonald's on Denmark Hill, Camberwell, south London at around 5.15pm on Monday.

The man, who lived locally, was taken to nearby Kings College Hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

A police spokesman said: "There does not appear to have been an argument or altercation prior to the stabbing."

Floral tributes were placed at the spot where the 39-year-old was attacked.

A note on one bunch of flowers read: "To Mark, RIP, I love you with all my heart, wifie Sylvia."

Another said: "I don't know who you was but you didn't deserve this Mark. RIP. You don't know us."

Shop assistant Huseyin Mentes, 23, was working in Superdrug opposite the scene of the stabbing just outside the shop.

He said the first he knew of the attack was when a woman screamed.

"There was this guy on the floor. At first I thought he was having a fit because he was shaking and I didn't see the blood.

"Then someone said he had been stabbed and everyone started crowding around. There was a lot of blood on the floor," he said.

Mr Mentes said an ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. He was treated by paramedics before being driven away.

Police said the suspect fled down Butterfly Walk and through a nearby shopping arcade.

He is described as being a light skinned black man, aged around 30, slim, and wearing a yellow T-shirt, dirty dark blue jeans and a grey-coloured baseball cap.

Detectives are searching for the murder weapon which has yet to be recovered.

Officers are asking local residents to check their gardens as they believe the attacker may have thrown the weapon away.

"We are looking for a large 12-18in bladed weapon, possibly a machete, that we believe may have been concerned in the attack," the spokesman said.

He added: "It may have been abandoned in the area and we are asking local people to check their gardens and if they come across anything that resembles the weapon to alert police immediately."

A post-mortem examination was held yesterday at Greenwich Mortuary. The man has been formally identified but his name has not yet been released as his next of kin have not all been informed.

Superintendent David Chinchen of Southwark police, said: "Whilst appealing directly for information concerning this tragic incident, I would also ask the public to work with the Safer Southwark Partnership to prevent similar incidents by limiting access to weapons that continue to cause harm in our community.

"Thankfully these incidents are still rare but will only be prevented through the engagement and support of all communities in Southwark."

Anyone with information should contact police on 020 8721 4868 or 020 8297 1212 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-359505/Cyclist-dies-unprovoked-machete-attack.html#ixzz1t3E9uWU9

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Oz...where even the roos act all ghetto.




In a real life example of the country's infamous "Boxing Kangaroo" mascot, the 25 year-old was out running when he was attacked by the rogue animal on Thursday.

The Australian Rules football player, from Canberra, the country’s capital, was then knocked unconscious after it punched him in the face and remembers little about the unprovoked attack.

"I turned around and before I knew it, it took a swipe at my face," he said.

Mr Striegl, who works in a corporate real estate office, was found by a passing motorist who took the dazed and bloody victim to hospital.

His only injury seemed to be some cuts and bruises, a black eye and a wounded ego with his colleagues making fun of his misfortune and giving him a new nickname – “Skippy”.



Mmmm! Roo on the barbie! And a stuffed & mounted roo in the den! Win-win!

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Teach that moron to never bring a stick of wood to a gunfight.

Cyclists targets of road rage


Comments: 2 readers have left a comment

Steven Hedley... pushed off his bike and threatened. Picture: Martin Kennealey Steven Hedley... pushed off his bike and threatened. Picture: Martin Kennealey Buy this photo

A SEMI-professional cyclist assaulted on Beeliar Drive by a driver brandishing a length of timber says Perth is one of the worst places for road-rage against people on bikes.

Beeliar resident Steven Hedley was struck by the wing mirror of a passing red Mazda RX8 at about 6.20am on November 25, about 8km into a planned 120km training ride.

He was due to leave for Japan for a competition two days later.

The driver, who had attempted to “take the racing line” through the roundabout as Mr Hedley travelled through it, swiped the bike as he overtook.

The driver then stopped in the middle of the roundabout, got out of the car and aggressively demanded Mr Hedley’s details, who refused to provide them as there was no damage to the vehicle.

The driver followed Mr Hedley west along Beeliar Drive towards the Stock Road traffic lights, forcing the cyclist off the road onto the bike path.

“It went on until I had nowhere to go,” Mr Hedley said.

Traffic banked up behind the stationary vehicle, as the angry driver got out of the car and allegedly pushed Mr Hedley off his bike, while yelling abuse and threateningly waving a length of timber he removed from his car.

“I just thought, this guy has lost control, he was so close to me. I tried to tell him, ‘look, you hit me’, but all he said was ‘don’t you ever touch my car again’.

“All it would have taken was for me to bite back (and he would have hit me).”

Mr Hedley said the man was unshaven, Caucasian and tanned, of stocky build and around 5ft 9in tall, with dark hair and wearing casual clothes.

Luckily, Mr Hedley only suffered minor injuries, but was worried the offender would lose control again and attack someone vulnerable.

Ironically, in November 2007, Mr Hedley completed a Kalgoorlie to Perth bike ride to raise awareness of the Share the Road initiative.

In August this year, Mr Hedley was riding on the same stretch of road when he was knocked from his bike by a speeding P-plater, who drove on without stopping.

She was chased down by concerned motorists, and admitted she kept driving because she was late for work. The girl lost her driver’s licence.

“(Someones life) is not worth gaining a few seconds,” he said.

Anyone who witnessed the road-rage incident should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.




Australians...just a peace-loving bunch of roo grillin' funsters. Their morons act just like our morons. Who'lda thunk it?

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I bet the other kids at school used to toss you round like a dwarf. I bet they ate your lunch too. There there bib, give me a hug and sing Kumbaya with me. We can walk with jesus together.

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"Preparing to be attacked...Australian style"...BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


OH, my side hurt from laughing!!!!!!




Preparing for the possibility of being attacked

Think what you would do if someone attacked you. Could you fight back, or would you avoid resisting and wait to escape? Only you can decide whether to fight back, but preparing yourself for all possibilities could provide a split-second advantage.

If someone threatens you, shout and scream for help and set off your personal attack alarm if you have one. This may unnerve the attacker and frighten them off.

You have every right to defend yourself, with reasonable force with items which you have with you like an umbrella, hairspray or keys can be used against the attacker. The law however doesn't allow carrying anything which can be described as an offensive weapon.

Self-defense and safety awareness classes may help you feel more secure and confident. You could ask your local police or community centre if they have classes.


Fracking KEYS!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


HAIRSPRAY??? Perfect for fending off homosexual hair stylists!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!!






I never knew Australians were so damned funny!


Let's see...what do I want to take to a brutal assault by a gang of ghetto thuglife human shitstains?


Note: it's "AUSSIE" Instant Freeze. I guess that causes violent thugs to freeze in their tracks?!?!





Or...good old American know how?







steevo...not a hair out of place after he gets his ass kicked and a bottle of spray shoved up his...

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What sort of gun do you have for mice bab? If a mouse leapt out at you on the cyclepath, what sort of gun would you shoot it with? Do you have a special gun for magpies? Something non lethal preferably. They're a protected species. The Australian Goverment would put a bounty on their ass. This is you I'm looking at here bot.

You weren't considering magpicide here are you dob?

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I bet the other kids at school used to toss you round like a dwarf.


No, but we did make so pretty cool dwarf porn in High School. And that term is politically incorrect for a libtard like you to use. I believe you socialists use the term, "Little People".


I bet they ate your lunch too.


I only wish they did. The food was pretty crappy.


There there bib, give me a hug and sing Kumbaya with me.


You ARE gay! I knew it!


We can walk with jesus together.


Jesus? My gardener? He just walked back to Mexico. Better hurry if you want to catch him.

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They're a protected species.


That doesn't surprise me.

enviro-whackos 'protect' all things stupid and pestilant.


Actually, it explains how you've suvived well into childhood.

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We saved your ass in World War Two and don't you forget it. Did you not reach the height limit to serve your country? You should be tried and locked up for insanity.That's treason right there.

They'll be coming to get you, guns or no guns, and they'll probably lock you up in Leavenworth. For a person of your petite stature, it could be rough. Have you ever been in a Turkish prison bog?

But if you embrace me like a brother we can walk with jesuss forever and none of this bad stuff will ever happen.qob.

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Lovely Ireland...home of American Baseball bats!


Incident which occurred at Victoria Quay, Dublin on the 17/2/10 - Appeal for witnesses.

The Gardaí at Kevin Street, Dublin are appealing for information in relation to an incident which occurred at Victoria Quay, Dublin 8 this evening, Wednesday 17th February 2010.
Two males possibly travelling in a light blue Peugeot 206 car assaulted a male cyclist with a baseball bat on Victoria Quay at approximately 5pm today (17/2/10) The cyclist was travelling from James Joyce Bridge onto the quays where the assault took place.

The injured man was removed to St. James’s Hospital where he received medical treatment.

Anyone who may have witnessed this incident or who have information is asked to contact Kevin Street Garda Station at 01-6669400, the Garda Confidential Line 1-800-666-111 or any Garda Station.




Oh well, At least there are no magpies, no ghetto roos and no steevo over there.

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There, there steevo. It'll be alright. Take your meds and read another tlae of violence and injury that never happened. Sweet dreams.


...and since you obviously can't read a word of the king's English (God save you, queen), I'll put up an informative video for you to drfift off by. pssst! It's black-on-white crime...don't tell no one!


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