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Energizer Bunnies keep going and going and in this case...keep shooting.


Cyclist Shot in Marvin Gaye Park

From NBC4

A young man was hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot in the head while riding a bike though Marvin Gaye Park in Northeast.

The shooting happened just after 1 p.m. Tuesday, close to the park entrance at Fitch Place and Division Avenue.

So far, police have neither a motive nor a suspect.





[bon jovi]...shot thru the head and thugs to blame...you give self-defense a bad name, bad name![/bon jovi]




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Originally Posted by Tapeworm View Post

Wow, hate to interrupt the flaming match but curious about a few points in relation to the carrying a firearm for protection.

Has anyone actually pulled their firearm for this purpose?
What led to it being used?
What was the threat?
And, how was it resolved?


 Great questions.

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Originally Posted by geoinmillbrook View Post

Originally Posted by Bro Deal
I'll take this. I am an expert on the mind of the modern cyclist who feels the need to pack heat.


A black man looked at me funny.

The voices in my head told he wanted to steal my jar of marmalade. I think he might have also had designs on my ragged copy of Atlas Shrugged.

I shot him. I was convinced that no jury would convict me, but the jury did not think that being a paranoid loon was sufficient cause to shoot.
What is interesting about freedom and rights is it allows "behavior" to be demonstrated and studied. The U.S. CDC did a 5 year scientific study:

1.) Hand guns were the second leading cause of injury and death in the US during the 5 year study, after automobile accidents, but declined 39% over the course of the study.
2.) Males were seven times more likely to die or be treated in a hospital for a gunshot wound than females, even though females are 11 times more likely to be the victim of a violent crime.
3.) 72% of gun shot victims were less than 24 years of age, or over 65 years old.
4.) Approximately 68% of firearm-related injuries for teenagers and young adults aged 15--24 years were from interpersonal violence (both victim and shooter knew each other), and 78% of firearm-related injuries among older persons aged >65 years were from intentionally self-inflicted gunshot wounds.
5.) In 19.2 million incidents of nonfatal violent crime, excluding simple assault —28% were committed with a firearm, 4% were committed with a firearm, and resulted in injury, butless than 1% resulted in gunshot wounds, therefor most of the injury and deaths reported had little to do with a crime or defense against one.

So IMHO - statistically speaking; if you are a level headed person who would like to keep a conflict from escalating out of control, and to keep responses to actions in kind with the threat, about 2/3s of the time if neither person has a gun, no one will get killed or hurt by one, even if there is a crime involved.

Looks to me like Hot-heads and testosterone filled kids kill or injure each other with guns, sometimes hurting someone else who is an innocent by-stander. The more people there are who carry them, the more people will get hurt or killed by them.

The argument about protection "just in case" is a fallacy unless you plan on being stupid and making yourself a victim in a gun-laden, crime riddled area. The chance you will get yourself into a life or death conflict where deadly force is necessary for protection is so small it probably can't be measured in most places in civilized towns and cities. It seems to be more of a "security blanket" for those that don't trust their ability to avoid conflict or keep it from escalating. They want the "easy" answer - point the gun and hope the person will go away, or some morbid twisted desire to really hurt someone or a romantic "Dirty Harry" macho thought that having a piece somehow makes you a tough guy. Quite the opposite - it says "I can't handle myself with my brain and my words, I better bring a gun in case I get myself in a situation that I can't get out of alive without it ". Wow that is scary to me. I may be naive or just been lucky in my 50 years of life, even in some tough places.



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Has anyone actually pulled their firearm for this purpose?

The cyclist from Reading, Pennsylvania.


What led to it being used?

Attack by libtard moron ghetto shitstains.


What was the threat?

3 human shitstains .


And, how was it resolved?


With a Bang!...and another Bang. And Orange Joolius being hauled away zipped up in a body bag. And one of his sidekicks with a slug in his neck, bleeding out. And a third shitstain running away as he pissed himself. And a medal being pinned on the cyclist.



Great questions.



Even greater answers.

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Peacefull, Placid Vancouver...another day...another Energizer Bunny.


Story needs more use of hollow points.




A Vancouver cyclist, commuting home from work (Burnaby to North Van) had the misfortune to stop at a 4-way stop sign. While stopped, a car approached from behind to within three inches of her bike. She wasn't far enough to the right of the lane, in his loud, vocal opinion. And her lights were too bright. He brushed her with his car as he pulled away. A few blocks later, another encounter ensued, in which he (now out of his vehicle) grabbed her arm, and attempted to remove her helmet-mounted LED light from her head, swinging her around in the process. Followed by threats to kill her, because she's a nobody. just a cyclist.

This isn't just a story in the Province. It isn't a veiled threat by an anonymous hater in the comments section of a Critical Mass story, or a story about the Burrard Street bike lane. This was my wife's ride home from work in tonight's rain and wind.

but, there are more details. The asshole drives a silver sedan. License plate either ...... and he lives (or at least was parking) near Gilmore and Dundas/Oxford/or Cambridge.

A police report was filed. My wife feels some culpability since she yelled at him. After he hit her, before he assaulted her (she's okay). I've told her he was lucky I wasn't there, but, then again, dicks like this are probably far more comfortable assaulting lone women then someone that may, possibly strike back.

I'm new(ish) in the Vancouver area. Back in Denver, New Mexico, or in Socal (my former riding areas), I knew enough people to &*^% with this guy. (group rides starting at his house, street sprints in front of his house, lots of commuters riding by his house, etc. Here, not so much so, so I thought that I'd just out him. I will go out of my way to ride through his neighborhood. I will make an attempt to take pix of him/car/house, etc...

Hopefully, something will come out of the police report (the officer was a cyclist. Maybe the idiot (he did assault her in his own front yard), will be stupied enough in the interview.."She was stopped a the stop sign, in my lane. I had complete right of way. I was in a car.."
Poor, powerless Tone.
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Anonomous internet tough guy.  Oxymoron?  Obviously.

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Anonomous internet tough guy.  Oxymoron?  Obviously.


Pssst...it's spelled "anonymous".


Finish 3rd grade much there, Jethro? Just kidding. My typing sucks, too.


And I'm not 'anonymous'. You just don't know me. Neither would I want the likes of an idiot like you to know me nor would I want to know you. In real life or on the webz. You're merely a lunatic in need of having your moronic lies pointed out. Over. And. Over. Again.


You made no points of logic, only offered insults that got returned in spades and spewed reguritated nonsense that was easily disproved.


It's been fun kicking your retarded cyber ass from one end of the intarwebz to the other.


So...let's continue, shall we?




Bicyclist assaulted, robbed in park - Sioux Falls Argus Leader

Posted by admin in 12581


Bicyclist assaulted, robbed in park
Sioux Falls Argus Leader
A 33-year-old man was riding home on his bicycle Sunday when he was knocked unconscious and robbed, police said. The man was riding near Sertoma Park at

and more »




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Ok...which one of you libtards has a 'tinkerbell' on his bike?


Portland bicyclist assaulted for riding purple bike with Tinkerbell & Christmas lights on it

From BikePortland.org we hear of a brutal bike-related assault that Portland Police are calling a hate crime:

The Portland Police Bureau is offering a $1,000 reward for help in solving a brutal assault and possible hate crime that occurred in the Southeast district over a month ago. Both the suspect and the man who was assaulted were on bicycles, according to police and media reports.

According to KPTV, the (victim) – who was severely beaten and spent weeks in the hospital recovering – says he was likely targeted in part because he was riding a “purple bicycle with Tinkerbell and Christmas lights on it.”


BikePortland.org and KPTV.


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Forget about a small Tinkerbell mounted on a bike...which one of you IS a tinkerbell on your bike???


Oh well...you got attacked. How hard is it to CCW while naked. In public?


One last thing...what is your screen name?


Video of naked people riding and getting assaulted at the link. I wonder which wat they vote? We already know which way they roll. Libtards...no common sense...no sense.




Police have reportedly launched a hate crime investigation after several cyclists were assaulted as they wheeled from Silver Lake to Echo Park during Saturday’s World Naked Bike Ride, according to The Eastsider LA. Riders were punched by drivers, subjected to anti-gay slurs, and at least two of suffered minor injuries "during what police describe as an unprovoked attack."

Said Lt.Wes Buhrmester, “The punch was unprovoked and a blind-side, and knocked the cyclist to the ground. The second suspect exited and committed a similar act against a second victim, knocking him to the ground, then throwing his bicycle at him. More anti-gay slurs were shouted, and the suspects left.”

The incident, partially captured on the video by a Silver Lake resident, shows "a shirtless cyclist being thrown to the ground amid the sounds of honking horns and yelling on Sunset Boulevard near Waterloo Street."

Police are seeking two male suspects who were traveling in a Honda. The first suspect is described as a 20-year-old male with black hair and brown eyes, 5-8, 180 pounds, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans. The second suspect is a male in his late 20s, with black “buzz cut” hair and a dark complexion, 5-10, 200-250 pounds, wearing a blue shirt with jeans.

Call Rampart Detective Division at (213) 484-3450 with information. Refer to DR No. 11-0212143.



So...uh...Tone Loco...exactly 'where' did you suffer road rash during that attack? Don't bother replying...it was rhetorical.

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Bicyclist assaulted on Erie Canal Trail near Clover St. Friday October 7, 2011

by Richard DeSarra on October 12th, 2011

The D&C reported that Douglas Brown was assaulted and left unconscious. This is the text from the D&C:
The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an attack on the Erie Canal path in Pittsford on Monday. Douglas Brown, 58, of Rochester was riding his bicycle on the path near Clover Street around 12:30 p.m. when another man on a bicycle kicked Brown’s tire, which caused him to fall.The suspect then kicked and punched Brown in the head and caused him to lose consciousness, said Cpl. John Helfer.Brown was taken to a hospital for treatment.




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More Energizer Bunnies in need of being put down like the pack of rabid dogs that they are.




They were enjoying a summer’s evening near the lakefront downtown — puffing on a cigar, out for a bike ride or a little window shopping.

But for victims of five “flash mob” robberies that came within an hour Saturday evening, the shock of being attacked in a touristy part of town was the same.

Suddenly surrounded by more than a dozen teens who snatched their possessions, the victims said they had no time to react.

“It was boom, like a swarm of insects,” said Krzysztof Wilkowski, a 34-year-old insurance agent from the northwest suburbs who was attacked by about 20 young men as he sat on his scooter in the 300 block of East Chicago.

“It just happened too quick. I didn’t even have time to be scared.”

He added: “It was broad daylight. It was perfect weather. People were jogging.”

Wilkowski was checking his phone when a group of teens approached, threw a baseball at his face and pounced around 7.30 p.m.

Grabbing at his cell phone, they knocked his helmet off and beat him down, but fled without loot after he fought them off.

“They were hitting me. I was hitting them back,” he said, though he recalled seeing one teen stop long enough to pick up the baseball that opened the attack.

“Everything was intact but my face,” said Wilkowski, who had bruises around both eyes and his nose, but didn’t require any hospital treatment. “How about if they had some weapons?,” he added.

Less than an hour later, a group of teens struck again on the same block, targeting 68-year-old Dr. Jack Singer, who was in town from Seattle for a medical conference.

“I know enough to know that you don’t know if a teenager in Chicago is armed or not,” said Singer, who was sitting on a bench smoking a cigar and writing an email on his iPad when a teen snatched the device and his phone.

The doctor, who was unhurt, flagged down a police car, and officers were soon driving him around the neighborhood with three other victims — a 42-year-old Japanese doctor who was beaten and had his iPod stolen, a 22-year-old Thai man whose backpack was snatched and Filipino nursing student Ryan Dancumos, 20.

Dancumos was cycling to Navy Pier on a bike his father had given him just a day earlier when he was punched and surrounded by teens who stole his phone, his wallet and his bike.

“I was scared because there were more than 10 people around me,” he said. “I didn’t know if they had knives.”

After touring the area for half an hour, the victims identified some of their attackers in an impromptu police line-up in the street, Singer said.

Praising the cops for their “incredible professionalism,” he said he was a regular visitor to Chicago but that he and his wife had noticed a change in the Magnificent Mile in the last couple of years.

“Friday night, Saturday night it was just wild with teenagers,” he said. “I talked to the police and they feel its out of control and they’re totally undermanned.”

Officers managed to get his stolen phone back, but his Ipad is “probably at the bottom of Lake Michigan,” he laughed.



You got to love the end result of 70+ years of the welfare state mentality!


Welcome to the jungle, baby!

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Originally Posted by CAMPYBOB View Post

Has anyone actually pulled their firearm for this purpose?

The cyclist from Reading, Pennsylvania.


What led to it being used?

Attack by libtard moron ghetto shitstains.


What was the threat?

3 human shitstains .


And, how was it resolved?


With a Bang!...and another Bang. And Orange Joolius being hauled away zipped up in a body bag. And one of his sidekicks with a slug in his neck, bleeding out. And a third shitstain running away as he pissed himself. And a medal being pinned on the cyclist.



Great questions.



Even greater answers.


Bumpity bump bump bump for the chumpity chump chump chump.

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Welcome to the jungle, Tone Loco.


More details at the link.







Monday, March 26, 2012

Flash Mob Attacking Cyclists - this time we've got a felony arrest

Police apprehend two individuals out of about seven from a flash mob attacking three cyclists on Nicollet mall this past Friday, March 23, 2012 at 7:45pm.  Antonio DeWayne Jones (DOB 2-22-1992 - 20 years old) of Brooklyn Park and "J.C.Z." (name not given due to being 16 years of age) both in a group that attacked bicyclists, throwing one from his bike, breaking his jaw, and a hoard of other bullshit you would think is not possible in our society.  Makes me &^%$ing sick.  
// via Butcher
Read the 3-page complaint from the 4th Judicial District below.
Antoneeeeo Deeewayne and J.Zeee...just mo' betta' Energizer Bunnies.
Just doin' da felonies other 'Mericans won't do, yo!
C'mon Tone Loco. Time for some more of your idiotic remarks.


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What a (real) policeman says...




A thread on this subject on Bikeforums ran to pages and pages... Some expressing utter horror that a bicyclist would feel the need to be armed, others ridiculing the whole idea, others with decent suggestions. I'm a cop, I know that numbers of cyclists ride in conditions that are less than optimal. We have had armed robberies and muggings of cyclists here in St. Louis, usually the bad guy is after the high-end bike. As well, mountain bikers have been attacked by cougars in Western states. Bicycling magazine detailed several such incidents while I subscribed. Rare, but possible.

First up. Having the weapon concealed on the bike is rather a bad idea if the intent of the bad guy is to steal the bike... Your first indication of anything wrong might simply be a pedestrian knocking you over at an intersection. Now, he's got your pistol too...

Unfortunately, cycling gear isn't much designed for concealed-carry. I have a little Taurus 2" 38 special as an "off-duty" weapon. Drops right into my jersey pocket.
Sure, it "prints" there. But then, I'm a cop...I don't care. A reasonable idea is the "fanny pack" (I've just been informed that Aussies call them "bum bags"...). As far as I know, you can still buy a fanny pack that is designed specifically to carry a firearm.... http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENUS285&q=fanny+pack+for+concealed+weapon&aq=1v&aqi=g1g-v1g-j3g-m1&aql=&oq=fanny+pack+for+conc



Good advice. Learn it. Live it. Love it.


Or remain clueless. The choice is entirely yours.


The bad guys are armed. The police are armed.


YOU should be armed, too.

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The Truth About Bicycle Carry



An outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster with a baggy shirt can be an ideal bicycle carry set-up: comfortable, accessible and discreet. If you go for OWB, make sure the gun is completely secure in the holster. There’s no jolt quite like hitting a pothole at speed. Also, bicycles crash, sometime spectacularly. Best to “wake up” with your gun on your person.

At the same time, the gun shouldn’t be too tight in the holster, lest you struggle to remove it when you needed. Retention systems can be particularly tricky to operate on the move.

Practice (a.k.a. “situational familiarity) is the key. Unload and safety check your weapon in a discreet location. Then draw and shoot on the move. You’ll soon see that one-handed shooting practice a priority for anyone who chooses bicycle carry.

2.  Commuter/transportation riders

These riders are experienced and fit. They wear anything from work clothes (including suits) to lycra. They’re like the shooters who go to the range on a regular basis with high-end, well-maintained firepower.

If you bicycle in your normal clothes, carry on as above. If you wear lycra/jersey, you’re best off carrying in a pack. There are a number of excellent solutions, like the Drop Leg Motorcycle Scooter ATV Enduro Dirt Pit Bike Cycling Fanny Pack Waist Belt Bag above.

Road racers/road race wannabes

Think Tour de France and Lance Armstrong: riders wearing brightly colored, tight-fitting garments atop bikes that weigh as much a toothpick. Road racers are like shooters who compete on a regular basis with hugely expensive, extensively modified “race guns.”

Hard-core cyclists typically pay $1 per gram of weight lost on a bike. A “real” roadie would no more add 1000 grams of gun/holster than jump on a Schwinn Hollywood. If road racers are about security, they usually count on their mount’s speed and stealth to avoid or escape a lethal threat. After that, it’s pepper spray, useful for both dogs and two-legged predators.

If road racers carry, they pack the smallest, lightest and let’s face it sexiest gun available. The biggest issue they fail to consider: sweat. Depending on a rider’s chemistry, sweat can be almost as corrosive as battery acid. Polymer guns are a godsend, but they must be maintained and tested religiously.

For OWB, a road racer’s well advised to use a nylon belt (e.g. the Wilderness Frequent Flyer), a Kydex holster and, again, a plastic corrosion resistant gun. Fanny pack? You’re kidding, right?

Mountain bikers

Given the forces involved, a fanny pack is the ideal solution for mountain bike carry. It offers easy access to hydration and armed self-defense. There are a lot of choices, including packs made for the job. But it really is a case of try before you buy.

Your gun should fit the pack perfectly: tight but not too tight. Ideally, it should be a pack you can open with one hand while riding (see: fumbling above) and have a separate compartment so that you don’t struggle to draw when push comes to shove.

While a fanny pack enables a larger gun, remember that the more weight you carry in the pack, the more likely it is that the pack will bounce around. Strapping it down might solve one problem while creating another.

If you don’t carry a fanny pack, a gun belt under a jersey with an OWB holster will git ‘er done. I carry a Glock 17 in this manner with no difficulty at all, and it’s pretty comfortable. Bike cops carry on a belt all day long. Although they can do so without getting pulled over . . .

Bicycling is a terrific way to stay in shape. Staying in shape is a terrific way to stay alive, both in terms of staving-off obesity-related conditions and having the strength and endurance to survive a gunfight. Both on and off your bike.

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