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More good thoughts from an veteran roadie:


Abunai says:

I’m a serious cyclist and average about 150 miles per week in season, maybe 60 miles in Winter. I guess on the scale above I’m a road racer.

As a cyclist, I can tell you that we’re exposed to a remarkable degree. No cage, no windows, but a lot of high tech spandex. Turns out, spandex isn’t all that protective. . .

Where I live, we’ve had several incidents in the past year or two of gangs of yutes targeting cyclists, knocking them down, beating them up, and robbing them of bikes and whatever they’re carrying. One victim was in the hospital for ages with head trauma, etc. We also have the occasional bear sighting, and cougars (the four legged kind!) live in the area.

So unless I’m in an organized race, I carry every time I ride. Keep in mind, I’m riding a state of the art bike – replacement cost is over $5k. I’ve paid a lot to have a lightweight (but strong) bike. But I’m willing to accept a little weight for the ability to defend myself if necessary.

I carry a mini-Glock in a fanny pack with built-in holster. The fanny pack doesn’t look ridiculously out of place, it sits well when I ride, and it also handles things like wallet, ipod, and energy bars. The Glock itself is lightweight, reliable, shoots well and is quick to draw.

I may be funny looking, and don’t ride as fast as I used to, but at least I’m well armed and in great shape.



Bravo, sir! Bravo!


No sheep...no victim. He's prepared to be a victor in life.

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More truth...


Paul says:

Thank you for the great article. Carrying self defense items while riding is something that major bicycling groups don’t address (due to their left leaning politics I suspect).



...and when the do 'discuss' it, they react like the libtards most of them are.


Oh well...no biggee. 50% of the folks wasting oxygen are below average and proudly demonstrate it every day of their lives.



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How to conceal your assault weapon for urban situations:


Here you can look like the typical Seattle asshat...just noodling around a libtard paradise...a prime target for a flash mob attack by a gang of ghetto shitstains.




Just prior to attack...whip out the thug-buster. With this kind of firepower, you can rid society of TWO ghetto gangs without changing magazines!


Or...just pretend you're a gal in a purse fight and swing that U-Lock like Paris Hilton trying to defend her lap doggie from a kidnap attempt.




If I had a son, he'ld look like Nancy Pelosi.









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Even our local policemen get robbed...


This one shoots back! Darwin is denied, but thugs will be headed to PMITA prison soon. Where the little ghetto Engizer bunnies will be turned into more profeshnul thugs.




CLEVELAND — An off-duty Cleveland Police officer was shot on the city’s west side late Thursday night, Fox 8 News reports.

The incident occurred on West 52nd Street between Detroit Avenue and Franklin Boulevard.

Cleveland Division of Police Det. Jennifer Ciaccia says that the officer was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center, where he was treated for a gunshot wound to his side. He was released overnight.

A witness, who told Fox 8 News that the shooting happened in front of her house, said she heard gunshots at approximately 11:30 p.m.

“I heard a quick series of pops, like fireworks. Then, I heard two or three slower pops,” Heather Beaver said.

Ciaccia tells Fox 8 News that it all started when the officer was approached by three men who attempted to rob him. One of the men was armed with a handgun. The officer and at least one of the suspects exchanged gunfire.

Cleveland Police say all three suspects are now in custody.

One suspect was dropped off at Metro shortly after the incident with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He in police custody, confined at the hospital. The two other suspects fled on foot.

A second suspect was eventually apprehended at a bus stop on West 25th Street, and after further investigation, a third suspect was caught on East 91st Street. The third suspect had sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. He was taken by an emergency crew to Metro, where he is in police custody while receiving treatment.

A vehicle used by the suspects was towed and will be processed for evidence as the official investigation continues.


The ghetto shitstains have guns. The police have guns.


YOU need to be armed if you walk/cycle/drive among the animals.


Cities... a shit-stew of humanity's worst morons.

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Even Mom knows her son is a broken animal...


Chicken Little burned up some ammunition...



You walk and cycle among these animals every day of your lives.


Man accused of killing 13-year-old sister, wounding mom in Harlem shooting spree

Suspect collared after shootout with cops near Polo Grounds houses

Comments (127)
Published: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 6:20 AM
Updated: Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 9:24 PM

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/13-year-old-girl-shot-killed-harlem-cops-article-1.1066500#ixzz1tFj2zWhn


A freeloading fiend ended a family argument by firing two bullets into his sleeping 13-year-old half-sister’s brain — then trying to do the same to his mother, police said.

Steven Murray, 28, then opened fire on cops — and managed to survive the 84-shot blizzard of bullets they fired as he fled on foot toward a Harlem highway.

When detectives showed mom Christine Fryar a photo of the gunman while she was being treated for a forehead wound, she identified him with hatred in her voice.

“That’s my son. That’s the animal who shot me and killed my daughter,” she said, according to a police source.

The eruption of violence capped a tense three weeks in the 12th floor apartment at the Polo Grounds houses.

Murray, whose rap sheet includes two assaults on cops, had moved in with Fryar, 44, and her seventh-grade daughter, Annie, after moving from North Carolina several weeks before.

The mother felt like Murray was just loafing around and wanted him out. Annie, a well-liked, diligent student, tried to play peacemaker.

At 5 p.m. on Monday, Murray and Fryar were at it again. Annie, hanging out with pals from Public School 46, abruptly left for her apartment.

“She said, ‘Let me go upstairs before things get out of hand. ...They’re going to start arguing because my brother’s drunk,’” Donette Skinner, 13, recalled.

“I walked her to her building, then I went home. I didn’t think it was going to get carried away.”

Apparently, things calmed down. But at 2 a.m., while Annie dozed face-down on the pullout sofa in the living room, mother and son began arguing again.

She fled into her bedroom and Murray allegedly pulled out a .22 caliber pistol and plugged Annie with two shots — one in her right temple, one near her right eye.

Fryar rushed into the living room.

“You shot my daughter,” she cried out, according to her upstairs neighbor.

Murray wasn’t done, cops say. He fired at her and she ran back into the bedroom. When she opened the door again, he was reloading and she ran back inside.

She had been hit in both hands and the forehead but was miraculously not killed. The bullet traveled under the skin of her head and lodged near her ear.

When police arrived, Fryar gave them a description of her son, which was put out over the radio.

Downstairs, a sergeant and a police officer spotted Murray running down a path next to the Harlem River Drive off-ramp, just north of W. 155th St.

Witnesses heard the cops tell the suspect to stop.

“The cop was saying, ‘Put the gun down!’” said Annette Cordero, 25, who lives at the nearby Rangel Houses. “He said it a couple of times.”

Reality...the sky fell when another Energizer Bunny kept going...



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eBay is getting more paranoid and insecure. Today they announced more gun parts can be sold on their website...not that they'll ever compete with GunsAmerica, Gunbroker, etc.



We wanted to inform you eBay's Hunting category has expanded to include more items, which could mean more buyers and sales for you. Now you can list the following firearm parts and accessories on the eBay US site (eBay.com) with domestic shipping:

Enbloc clips
Choke tubes
Firing pins
Magazines with a capacity to accept 10 rounds or less (high-capacity magazines that can accept more than 10 rounds are not allowed)
Trigger assemblies


Another option for cyclists looking for firearm parts and accessories...a good thing and it strike another blow against socialism and libtard morons!


Herpity Derp de Derp. Bump.

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Peaceful PNW...where you may end up shot while cycling.





Bio | Email| Follow: @


Posted on September 30, 2011 at 9:58 PM

Updated Friday, Sep 30 at 10:21 PM


See all 2 photos »


BELLEVUE, Wash. -- A Bellevue man was shot by a pellet gun while bicycling into work Friday.

The pellet is still lodged deep behind Doug Weigel's knee, despite a trip to the hospital.

"I believe I was randomly targeted," he said. "But there is no question in my mind that this was an intentional act."

It's unclear if the incident was an accident, a dangerous prank, or another instance of drivers clashing with cyclists.

Enjoying a beautiful ride to lower Queen Anne, Weigel hadn't even made it past Southeast 36th in Bellevue, when someone shot him with a pellet gun.

"I heard a loud noise to my left, and immediate felt a sharp pain behind my right knee," he said. "My first thought is, 'I've been shot.' My second thought was, 'That's crazy, this is Bellevue, this is crazy.'"

By the time the attorney got to work, blood was pooling in his shoe.

"It wasn't until I got to the doctor, and got the x-ray, and I realized there was a pellet lodged behind my knee," Weigel said.

There was no altercation leading up to Weigel being shot. The street was straight, and bike lanes are clearly marked.

Weigel remembered two cars passing him when it happened, but he didn't notice a make or model.

Bellevue Police are investigating.






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Just one more Chicken Little report from da 'Big Shitty'.


Even cops are targets of criminals! No respect left in society. Hell, the libtard moron idjuts even stole the caps from the fire hydrant. Stupid fracking Democrats.


Even cops aren’t safe to leave their bicycles unlocked in the city.

This bike cop found that out the hard way yesterday when a brazen bandit swiped his ride outside a Brooklyn store.

The theft prompted calls over the police radio for a “Level One mobilization” — a request for backup units typically reserved for real emergencies.

Officers fanned out across Bensonhurst from the crime scene at 21st Avenue and 86th Street to hunt for the purloined police vehicle — which was clearly marked with the letters NYPD.

Tommy Kwan, owner of Furniture Outlet II, said the cop left his bike unattended when he popped in to say hello at around 3 p.m.

Paul Martinka

“When he went to leave, the bike was gone,” Kwan said. “He asked if there were surveillance cameras, but we don’t have any.”

In addition to the bike, the cop lost his book of blank police summonses, sources said.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/brooklyn/ve_got_wheely_big_problem_uAprGu5XF3ucftP4TGXlSM#ixzz1tGSGL3cE



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Needs more reporting of dead thugs.





WILLIAMSBURG -- For the second time in as many days, police have been called to High Street over acts allegedly committed by teens.

Shortly before 5 p.m., Wednesday police responded to a robbery that occurred in the parking garage at the mixed-use development. The victim was riding his bicycle when three males approached him. One of the suspects struck the victim in the face, knocking him from the bike. The subjects then fled, taking the bicycle.

The victim was not injured and did not require medical treatment. Three suspects, all juveniles who live in James City County, have been identified.

The bicycle has been recovered. No petitions have been obtained because the incident is still under investigation.


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Shariff don't like it...

Rockin' the ghetto!

Rockin' the ghetto!


When yo hoodie ain't no goodie, reach fo' da burqa! Fashionista thugs terrorize in Muslim garb!


Be careful when you bicycle thru the war zone that is Philly, my liberal brothers of brotherly love. Da Liberty Bell ain't all that's crack, yo!




The surveillance tape shows what looks like a Muslim woman, her face and body hidden by her traditional clothing, robbing a Philadelphia bank. But the robber in the abaya and khimar is actually a man. He's part of a recent crime spree involving perpetrators in Muslim garb.

The worst of the incidents happened in Upper Darby when, Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood says, someone who appeared to be a Muslim woman went into a barbershop.

"The holdup man who was ... dressed in Muslim female garb, was covered from head to toe. The only thing that was showing was his eyes," Chitwood says. "He shot and killed the barber in the shop."




Something ain't halal here!


So we'll bumpity bump bump for the Energizer Bunny.


Ok...so I've got thug attire and abayas on my list of 'clothing you don't wear to the NRA/KKK dance' tomorrow evening!




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Oui Oui! In gay Paris...the bikes get ripped off!


OK...which group did the thieving?



Thefts puncture Paris bike scheme

People queue up to return bikes in Paris on 15 November 2007
Over half the self service rental bicycles in Paris have been stolen

A popular bicycle rental scheme in Paris that has transformed travel in the city has run into problems just 18 months after its successful launch.

Over half the original fleet of 15,000 specially made bicycles have disappeared, presumed stolen.

They have been used 42 million times since their introduction but vandalism and theft are taking their toll.

The company which runs the scheme, JCDecaux, says it can no longer afford to operate the city-wide network.

Championed by Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, the bikes were part of an attempt to "green" the capital.

Parisians took to them enthusiastically. But the bikes have suffered more than anticipated, company officials have said.

Vélib extreme

Hung from lamp posts, dumped in the River Seine, torched and broken into pieces, maintaining the network is proving expensive. Some have turned up in eastern Europe and Africa, according to press reports.

Since the scheme's launch, nearly all the original bicycles have been replaced at a cost of 400 euros ($519, £351) each.

The Velib bikes - the name is a contraction of velo (cycle) and liberte (freedom) - have also fallen victim to a craze known as "velib extreme".

20,000 bicycles
1,250 stations
Cost 400 euros each to replace
7,800 "disappeared"
11,600 vandalised
1,500 daily repairs
Staff recover 20 abandoned bikes a day
Each bike travels 10,000 km a year
42 million users since launch
Source: Velib

Various videos have appeared on YouTube showing riders taking the bikes down the steps in Montmartre, into metro stations and being tested on BMX courses.

Remi Pheulpin, JCDecaux's director general, says the current contract is unsustainable. "It's simple. All the receipts go to the city. All the expenses are ours," he said.

The costs, he said, were "so high that a private business cannot handle it alone, especially as it's a problem of public order. If we want the velib set-up to keep going, we'll have to change the business model," he told Le Parisien newspaper.


The original contract gave the advertising company a 10-year licence to exploit 1,600 city-wide billboards in return for running the scheme, plus a share in the revenue, estimated at 20m euros for the first year of operation.

City hall has recently agreed to pay towards the costs of replacing the stolen or trashed bicycles but is refusing to bail out the com

Le Bump! Le Bump! Pour le Chumpity chump chumps!

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Wow! And Today in the news...Chicken Little reports on a reason 'why' Le Societe Francois is crumbling faster than a stale old let them eat cake!


Read on, my socialist minions!




Le crap sacre bleu!


American ghetto 'culture' is big with French socialists!!! Who knew?!?!


Makes perfect sense though. And explains the high violence rate there.


Swirling down the toilet...sad.


Bumpity flush flush.

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From Bike Portland...




It's just so offensive to liberals...i LIKE IT!


Makes me want to listen to a little Goran Bregovic's Weddings & Funerals Orchestra play "Kalashnikov!".


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