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Re: Specialized Roubaix vs. Trek Madone

Originally Posted by Piotr
The only bike I ride/race on is a 2005 Roubaix Pro w/Dura Ace. I like it enough that I hope it lasts another 10 years. Comfort was the most important factor in my buying decision. I figured that I would be mostly training on it, and only occasionally (relatively speaking) racing. I never cared about "bike performance", only my own performance on the bike. As such I chose a bike that I would not dread training on. I didn't want to hang up cycling because I was too achy from longer rides. I hope my perspective was helpful.
Yep! That's the kind of first hand experience I was looking for. Interesting little side note . . . . I have a friend (Jerry) who rides a more agressive road bike (Trek Madone 5.2) who eschews the more relaxed geometry of the Roubaix. He and I have another friend (Scott) who rides a 2005 Roubaix. We have all ridden together but those two ride centuries more frequently together. Jerry and I were hanging out on Saturday and, of course, were talking bikes. He was asserting that a more agressive geometry was better than the more relaxed. I asked him how he and Scott fare during the centuries they ride together. He told me that Scott always leaved him in the dust. Mind you, both of these guys ride about 250 miles a week each. I replied that it must have more to do with the engine than with the geometry.
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I love sarcasm and your's is good, but condescending. Further, it is difficult to read such poor writing. When did you learn to use parenthesis, -'s, and other interesting punctuation in place of commas and the appropriate punctuation marks? Possibly, you should take some time to be courteous as well as to learn how to write, not just ride.

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Get a good fitting and reduce cognitive dissonance

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