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cycling jerseys

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I just came across www.mtborahcustom.com. Has anyone ordered jerseys through them? How about some Cycling Forums.com jerseys?? Just throwing it out there to see if there would be any interest in something like that.
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Re: cycling jerseys

How much do they cost? Do they have a minimum order? I was looking at www.pactimo.com, they do custom jerseys too
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Re: cycling jerseys

Pactimo looks pretty good. mtborah has a 6 jersey minimum, looks like pactimo has a 5 jersey minimum. prices are about the same.
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Re: cycling jerseys

Originally Posted by two wheels View Post
...How about some Cycling Forums.com jerseys?? Just throwing it out there to see if there would be any interest in something like that.
We had a sticky a while back when there was a campaign out there to have some made, maybe this could be restarted?

(Hint Steve )
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Creating some CyclingForums.com jerseys is definitely something we could do. We should probably try to get an informal count of how many forum members would be interested. Also, if there's artwork floating around that the good people at Cycling Forums would like us to use, I'm sure we could work it.

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I am sure we can provide you custom cycling garments, we are manufacturer, we do cycling garments for SCODY, SPECIALIZE, KOOGA,etc. and also for small custom orders. Even we can do minimum 1 , If freight charge accept by you. because we are in China.

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I know a place have good price for cycling jerseys and they can do custom order. 


here is the link : www.cyclingjerseyss.com



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Most of my everyday cycling jerseys and shorts have come from Mt. Borah.  They make quality stuff!.  I love their Jersey of the Month offerings.  They are made in Wisconsin USA as well!



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we are a new company. we do not charge for set up, design, # of colors or logos and we have no minimums. if you are interested, one full custom jersey is $90, 2-5 jerseys $75 each

contact us if you are interetsed and check some of our designs and customers in our website



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Mt. Borah is a great company for custom Jerseys.  Not only do they offer great quality but the price points are very competitive and made in the USA.  Thanks, Michael Sprocketthreads.Com  

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sadf ds

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Originally Posted by cql001 View Post

sadf ds


Spammer test post? hmm thanks, idiot.



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